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 Than “Osaka united CM”.

Akagi Tomohiro of eyed Shihai: times No. 208

  That Osaka is, tend enclosed in the word bad image “neat”, the young people that there is work motivation called “Label”, has been proposed to be Let’s change the image.(* 1)

   “Raven” when it heard this first, that is misunderstood to have put the name of the crow with the eerie impression, you’ve thought Naa’s quite unpleasant name.

  Stands for “Label” and the “Late Blue Marr”, I say that it is the meaning of the late-blooming, the first place in terms that ride to the image of the “get to work = bloom”, and been able to look ahead firmly now of the Japan of reality do not have.

  And not put to work in there is a willingness of employment is, in the first place because a small amount of supply of work.Although some people that “If there be chosen to work” and the like, in the work of such low wages, as such eventually Freeter, there is no choice but to depend on the form you get home to home.Even temporarily life consists in that state, and once you or dead retired parents, life does not hold.

  On the other hand, work that can be expected only of revenue can live independently is limited is extremely number.Even if wearing is fine to work is not a part-time worker, it is a summary work of revenue to the extent that living alone can be maintained, the work that you can feed the family by marriage, is no longer depleted state.

  That’s why the word, such as “job hunting” is born, he students have a job hunting is desperately studying Sotchinoke.there is no room for there to once drop-out neat enters.

  If you do not light of this situation, simply referred to as “might start over the life” in neat, it gives hope of superficial only, so only thing would eventually disappoint.Also named such as “if small and medium-sized enterprises job is”, neat it would be to pay the waste money to bogus employment consulting guys like small and medium-sized companies also look down on course.

   Of course, it may not be bad to try to change the image by changing the name.By performing the reform of such superficial bad, the world is paying the prejudice against the neat, neat we also lead to images as if regain confidence, but the sweetness of that idea.

  The people who are motivated work labor market absorb, yet to be to get the money as possible independence through labor, it is important to create a demand for above all workers.In the current situation are many people who want to supply the labor force, less demand.First of all the labor is not a luxury goods, from being turned into a duty middle (another story as the “labor of obligation” on the Constitution), supply is always in the majority of the people.If you want you to work in neat, first what that produce the demand of only Urisabakeru in the labor market for the majority of the population, is a work that should be of administrative.

  This time, that Osaka has made such a proposal is, the problem of such government, or else as such as “he neat is not able to work because the image is bad”, a strong impression as if tossed the problem to the day after tomorrow in the direction.

  And, problems and of first place in the economy, speculation of companies to try to reduce labor costs, would not you’re trying to Somukeyo the eye from a variety of problems, such as such as social security, which eat the split about poor people.

  Correspondence of these superficial is, after all might have gone aggravated the problem.We in such a movement of government, we should pay more attention.

  * 1: Name to replace the neat “Label” Osaka is proposed (Osaka day newspaper) http://www.nnn.co.jp/dainichi/news/120111/20120111022.html

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 Label is better than-neat?

 Akagi Tomohiro (Akagi, Tomohiro)
 1975 Born.On his web site “midnight Shimaneko” and weekly magazine, etc., we have been aggressive remarks in relation to social problems, including Freeter-neat policy.Eg, “the country to let down the young people (Asahi Bunko)” in his book.