Expanding the couple disparities of …… Kazuhiro Kiyohara and his wife to wife Aki is “charisma of Ojuken”

Former professional baseball player, Kazuhiro Kiyohara wife, but Aki Mrs. models in big success.

That it has been also worked as a popular model, so that was pass the eldest son and second son to Keio childish building, which is also referred to as the University of Tokyo elementary school exam, a job offer has been flooded as charisma of exam.

Keio childish building is Shintaro Ishihara and Taro Aso, Yasushi Akimoto, Hiromi Township, Tatsunori Hara, Furudate Ichiro, Minomonta-ra, private ultra-prestigious school that is known for passing through the famous people of son.Past, pass but aimed at here also the eldest daughter of Matsushima Nanako and Sorimachi Takashi and his wife will not compete, it is reached to Ryoko Hirosue and is said to have abandoned just went on a briefing.Kiyohara and his wife two years ago, continues to eldest son was enrolled, the second son was also passed this year.

According to the women’s magazine reporter “Many takers Even though customary to follow the professional advisors enormous cost, Aki Mrs. is not made the children’s room, was managed to pass in its own method to be studied in the living room” that.

Respond to immediate public to this.Publishers approached the book publication of exam cult, from skilled in the art that deals with the examination business flooded the request of advisors appointed.Of further from all over are successively also appeared Offers to request and TV shows of lecture.

Marketer of major advertising agency was tried again to “immediately image survey, but the five-star level results came out.Person such as commentator of information program will depend on immediately if they wish.It’s rave reviews and rather a position to choose something good conditions “.

However, after the retirement husband was superstar of baseball for, thin shadow.Recently has been performed sports commentary and lectures, office parties not me moving on schedule in the “selfish.Dotakyan also it’s situation lamented the many were “.Other day, and the result away from the office, is reduced exposure after just.

Only you do not hear the name about collaboration with mobile phone games in the “recently.Last year to was also affair scandal of the Ginza hostess, supra from scandal that previously had a gang officials and golf, and tend to be shunned from the media that do care to gang exclusion regulations “with reporters.Like light and darkness of his wife as a seesaw had been reversed.

“While two years ago seems was also royalties to her husband because his book were sold, will win his wife in annual income indeed this year” (same)

Although it Kiyohara and his wife, also referred to as Teishukanpaku, I wonder this reversal phenomenon also vary the power relationship between the future husband and wife?
(Statement = Takayuki Kato)

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