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Mr. Masayoshi Son of charismatic entrepreneurs are moving eagerly to the expansion of renewable energy in Softbank president.Mr. Sun has established a SB phone with the acquisition of Vodafone, which is said to be the only life expectancy, it was a huge success to the mobile phone company fastest growing and now.

, Today announced that Mr. Sun makes a 25 diary press conference in May, to be set up in July this year in collaboration with the 19 prefectures aim the dissemination of natural energy “natural Energy Association”.Efforts to natural energy of Mr. Sun is what to look at accident of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, starting from the uncertainty about the future of the danger of nuclear power plant.It is not the only surprised to run power and sense of speed.

However, you have or think that not almost impossible vision of Mr. Sun is past the ambitious again If you look at the material that was used in the press conference.Noticeably is the first part from the current 10%, and to 30% by 2020 the proportion of natural Enegi to total power by 2020.
30% from 10% is three times if the rate.The eyes familiar industry to grow in every year or more times as popular original mobile phone, you might figure it seems even too conservative.”Japan is delayed or fulfilled in the natural energy more than 70% of New Zealand as much less, and hear the story of the country wind power, such as accounting for 10% of total power as Denmark.People who think they may be if growth or not can expect, Mr. Sun is “because of waving flags than ever will most likely.

However, the story will be different among the natural energy of 10% of total power in Japan, to hear 70% of the hydropower.Moreover, majority of the remaining 30% is biomass-fueled power to burn wood chips and other plant.Usually think of what is said wind, solar and called “natural energy” I that 1% or less of the total.

Dam is shaped to fit most suitable sites, there is also likely to decrease rather future hydroelectric power, such as deposition of sediment.Biomass power generation to burn wood chips also I spent Arakata cheap fuel.In other words, you should make 20 times more than in ’10 wind power to the achievement of 30%, solar power.

It does not seem to be so in rapid growth, such as those seen in the dissemination phase of the Internet, such as this.Moreover, solar power and wind power does not mean that suddenly appeared recently.Began to commercialize decades, meaning there is “Karetagijutsu”.

Most of the technology that achieves a reduction in the price and rapid growth, such as a PC or a mobile phone or the Internet, and are supported to benefit from semiconductor technology price performance ratio that will double in two years of “Moore’s Law” You.Solar power will also use the same silicon as the semiconductor, but it does not power per unit area such that the 2-fold in two years.

In the case of solar power, energy obtained per unit area can not be greater than the energy of sunlight to pour.Even with a focusing device, such as a mirror, you will not be able to double the amount of energy in two years.

Core part is the turbine that runs by the rotating blades in the wind wings and in the case of wind power.Not both, such as Moore’s Law is true, it is a machine technology of the counter electrode and it.The most effective to improve efficiency of wind power generation is larger.Leading role of large-scale wind power generation currently has a power generation capacity of 2MW (2 one million watts cycle), 3MW is some practical use, those of 5MW is also planned to further.

However, the diameter of the windmill is also the 250 m 100 m or more, even in the 5MW 2MW.Speed ​​of the tip portion of the wing will be also about 300km per hour far larger.Feather with a length of about height of skyscrapers is not Gurugurumawaru at a rate of about Shinkansen.

Cost Is it not possible to high badly, issues to make the that still work something like this without any fault This is the place to be worried about, or really okay in Japan a lot of earthquakes and typhoons, so okay It is not small.

Windmill will require a vast area in bonus.2 times the diameter is required between the windmill and the windmill, is about 50,000 square meters per unit in 2MW.You will more than 300,000 square meters in the windmill of 5MW.

This is a case of not considering the noise pollution of a wind turbine.People who must be away several hundred meters in order to protect from noise is emitted from a windmill.Is said to have bad effects on health in the long term not only annoying to the ears when it comes closer than this, the low-frequency damage inaudible to humans is an issue.

There is no way even if it seems underpowered to grow as much as 20-fold in 10 years in this.Vision of Mr. Sun is do I need to do to realize the growth of IT products to the same level as the premise to improve the price-performance ratio less-than-dramatic never.

Problem of natural energy is that it is possible to scrape together with a vast land for low density is required.Mr. Sun is trying to use a fallow field that is not used to spread across the country for the.Indenter is a concept.

And for the government to suppress the deficit of the U.S. purchase, fallow field is a land you have left to labor shortage of farmers.So I want to develop industry specific consumption locality areas create a natural energy.What income deer enters the farmers in bonus.The proportion of renewable energy will increase in the.I seems like a great idea for anyone to give.

However, it is expected that a number of difficulties when it comes when you move to execute this plan actually.To say that fallow field, it does not necessarily mean that there is a vast land and together.Cultivated land of farmers in a small Japanese’m no longer used in bits and pieces.To ensure the land in accordance with the technological advances 50,000 m2 1 group, 100 000, 200 000 and further away several hundred meters or more from the house as the wind turbine it will not be easy.

Profitability will vary at all how to play the wind wind power.The are envisioned as the purchase price of wind power’s a ¥ 20 before and after per kilowatt-hour, but to realize the cost that the wind of 8 m average blew, occupancy rates of 20% or more is required You.Not so much in Japan this locations that meet your.It’s not available all if fallow.

What about solar power wind power even more difficult.Solar power also takes place, but not as much as the wind.But the cost of solar power is two times or more of the wind power.Installation might proceed if Kaitore subsidy, but government spending or increases if we replace more and more existing power, leading to rise in electricity prices.It does not change that are both burden on the people.

Problem of cost and location as was able to resolve the problem of stable supply of power comes out natural energy of principal and account for 30% of the amount of power generation wind power, solar is really.Since the amount of power generated by the natural energy of nature leave can not be controlled, the mechanism to be adjusted to match the demand is required.

One is to use natural energy complementarily in combination with thermal power.It is not possible to eliminate the thermal power generation, but it will become easier to use much natural energy.

It might be a way to store the power in the battery when you try to avoid the combination of firepower and.But you need to develop a battery with capacity of several tens of times, at least the efficiency of current to it, this is innovation at all, let alone Karetagijutsu.It is not far from the story that you can count on the future of about 10 years.When you try to spread after 10 years, it will have to have a stage of initial products have appeared on the market currently.Such technology ** does not see.

Of that 30% of the power in the natural energy of Mr. Sun to say the conclusion it may not be easy to achieve as much as 30 years rather than 10 years.I am even with the power of Mr. Sun How much.

Grandson, who was a great success in the mobile phone, I have to withdraw the last in an attempt to establish in Japan a Nasdaq market for entrepreneurs support of Japan once.There is much countless banks, such as manufacturing, parts of the PC business that has worked for Mr. Sun does not only it.

It is enough to be said most of the businesses that worked for Mr. Sun and have failed withdrawal, it may be said that it is proof than incompetence as an entrepreneur of Mr. Sun, decision-making is that it is fast accurate is this.That the business operated by organizations rigid as new Bank of Tokyo can not withdraw until the bankruptcy is usually.

.There should be no intention of businessmen about Mr. Sun to commit suicide with the natural energy.

Sense of mission is like the real thing you want to do something about the energy of Japan Mr. Sun Having said that.No way energy of Japan may be left this.But to resolve the natural energy of the energy problems Japan it would be the going gets rough to say the least equivalent.

Natural energy might become Korea conquest of Hideyoshi for Mr. Sun Possibly.You can fail as you’ll apply to the business model that excellent managers of many entrepreneurs completely different the successful experience of their own, we pollute the Bansetsu oblivious to changes in the environment.I just pray that Mr. Sun is not lost the speed of the decision and the richness of ideas forever fresh.

This might be a little too much to say.Future is also expected NAS battery has already been put to practical use as a battery of large capacity in order to stabilize the power supply.However, in order to support the situation wind, sunlight such that 20% of the total power, considerable progress still cost, capacity, and durability is required.

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