Discussion of TPP promote theorists and Masahiko Fujiwara “deception just to deceive the public”

Whether the world is going to where now – now, a new world order in which is sought, the Japanese selection has also been questioned.Masahiko Fujiwara with a number of best-selling, such as “national dignity”, “pride of Japanese” is, TPP (Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement) problem to explain.

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Discussion of TPP promote theorists, just deception to deceive the public.

They were originally focused on agricultural issues.However, when it is pointed out the large problem of non-agriculture from opponents, in turn, began to say that we should take in Southeast Asia of growth by the opening of the country.

However, Japan and the countries with the exception of BeiGo New Zealand out of the acceding nine countries, has signed a free trade agreement already between the two countries (FTA).So the benefits are refuted and not in the TPP, newspapers had reported that “GDP increases 2.7 trillion yen” the original to the economic effects of TPP the estimates of the Cabinet Office.But this is in total 10 years the numbers, not just one of one percent of the 20-minute It’s a percentage of GDP per year.

Recently desperation to “TPP the medium play a role of siege pair” I began to say in unison with.This is also a bad lie quality.China is the second largest economy in the world with 1.4 billion population, owns a 100 trillion yen close US Treasury as further “hostage”.

How do I to enclose the China.There is also enough to Esoragoto.Now a lot of Japanese people would favor it if it said that “because to contain the arrogant China” because they have a bad feeling in.Is really poor quality.

If in fact there is an effect that contain China if, there is no should have seen silently China.As to target the rare earth in the Senkaku incident, you can restrict the import and export, it also allows you or to harass Japanese companies that are operating in China.

Is anything do Chinese in war if for national interest, are you wait and see the TPP is that it is from “a plus for China”.

True purpose of the United States to promote the TPP promotion does not become other to the elimination of non-tariff barriers in Japan.Financial, medical, labor, is allowed to enter the US companies by rid the national regulations of insurance, such as Japan, it is Sundance to devour such as 1000 trillion yen of personal financial assets.

If we reduce the Japan national power that is exploitation in the United States doing so, you should have a great advantage for China.

In addition, with respect to the United States seeking a high-handed deregulated the TPP vertically, anti-American sentiment will happen welling in Japan.As a result, the US-Japan alliance There is also the possibility of weakening.To have Omone~tsu the United States, it is become damaging the Japan-US inversely related to.

China’s wait and see, I think judgment did on Yomiki~tsu up there.

※ SAPIO2012 years January 11, the 18th issue