The 2012 upheaval Japan 100 to large notice “weak-kneed” foreign affairs

Not only Japan, the international situation is also still a opaque.To the end of the year, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il (He was 69) is death.Gold Seion’s third son (28) to officially regime of inheritance has been announced, looks good is better to have enough warning to the north of threat.Mr. de Aoyama warning before.

“North Korea is the best leader Kim Jong-un Mr., but (77) real power will be that the hold is Chang Sonteku party administrative director of the Kim Jong Il brother-in-law (65).Threat of military terrorism is still necessary vigilance.Since Speaking in relation to Japan followed by the economically difficult situation, it is believed to come to request a cache in the background (78) abduction issue ”

Of course, the abduction issue also that moves away from the early settlement.

“Under the new Mr. supreme leader Kim Jong-un, North Korea, the abduction issue will move sure, but it takes time.And because even three years when the death of Kim Il Sung was in mourning, (79) Given that the one year at least mourning, it should not be impatient.In addition, since the abduction victim should’re more than 100 people instead of 17 people far from, the first hurdle you should set higher “(Mr. Aoyama)

I greet the big change in China also this year has been supported from behind North Korea.Inherited from the supreme leader of President Hu Jintao (69) to Xi Jinping Mr. (58), and that the future, will be Japan tough measures are promoted.

Mr. Aoyama continues.

“The person close to the contrast to the military and President Hu Jintao.So the military’s intention is likely to reflect, is expected to come out in high-handed diplomacy stance against Japan, (80) might also be in that advance the warship to the Senkaku Islands even during this year.Xi Jinping said in an elite in elite, (81) practical skills is very high.America also will burn the equivalent hand ”

Tension that increase, the Japan-South Korea relations also a similar.Issues such as Takeshima issue and comfort women issue is rekindled’s piling up but ‥‥.

“To December been carried out presidential election of Korea, (82) will replace current President Lee Myung-bak.Daihaji that President Lee, but was approaching the resolution of the comfort women issue to Prime Minister Noda last December 18, Mr. North Korean Kim Jong-il has died immediately after, Mushikaesu the past problems can not perceive the death me wrote.To domestic foundation of Lee regime is weak, in order to prepare for the North Korea of ​​the future, given the fact that the support Japan is essential, (83) or Japan-Korea relationship is not tilting to normalization “(Mr. Aoyama)

Tensions in East Asia, still continues.