au is logo change! Fashionable sensitivity up / net of voice “completely for girls”, etc. and the topic in cursive

Today the 16th, au new product launches meeting was held.In addition to the introduction of the spring model smartphone, announced the change of logo.”New freedom as a new slogan.”I have set a.

The new logo is written in cursive fine character, than ever of the familiar bold font, you will receive a more stylish impression.Color, but the basic color is the last time the same orange, it seems to have become somewhat darker.

The renewal of the logo, which has been for many years established, Will users if you think.The impressions, such as the following have been asked in such Twitter.

I want to say “many times.Why and what had quit the egg-shaped logo ”
“Is for women”
“Softbank is the most cool”
“Women of the opinion the intake I was specific logo”
“Completely for girls”
“Calbee like”
“Like candy manufacturer logo”
“Completely Suites for the logo”
“I will say, pretty good”
“It is no longer received only part of the woman and for woman”
“I’m like mixi”
“Cursive style too Dasa”

Such as, how can not hide the embarrassment to everyone new logo.The fact that much had been popular established in general widely the previous logo.I’m sure the new logo also should be fixed soon!

By the way, or “Suites woman” or “cursive = for girls”, you are not think either those that are not somehow even such simple image as women of one.I, but it is a must Kikizute, your maiden.

Well if everyone in the new logo, we have what impression?

(Statement = ricaco)

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