American Dream and equality-oriented Japan

Mr. Francis Fukuyama is has contributed a “gap in the United States” to “read the Earth” in the “Yomiuri Shimbun”, because it was quite interesting, a little bit about this.

Are as follows roughly When you introduce a gap first to the contents of the article in one US.
 Although the United States of disparity between until 2007 was expanded from 1974, it was not obscure it, that source of income due to the women’s social advancement has increased two a home and, such as sub-prime loan low The presence of mortgage for income earners.

But the burst housing bubble now, these disparities surfaced, I was led to protests of Wall Street.

Cause two of the following which has expanded inequality.the first was destroyed low skill job with the advancement of technology.and that the two eyes came to do a job at a fraction of the cost is labor, such as China by the progress of globalization.

And as America unique circumstances, that and profitability of the financial sector is large, such as the reduction of the capital gains tax, include the preferential treatment of the financial services sector.For “inequality” further that this, the difference between the American distinctive rich and poor was not very aggressive from the idea that the difference between work and talent to income redistribution.

2 American Dream President Obama has asked for tax increases to the rich, but I will probably come to the assertion of the opposite definitely Republican.And that so it was Republican instructing Americans are about constant even in fact, How can I thought also to various wonder about this, and certainly flip side of “American Dream” (“legitimate” reward for success) You can convince Given.

To not have absolutely normally heard only successful people of story, a movie, etc., are ends with a happy ending, because when are hero and self-identification that you are watching, I do not think only thing when you have success, failure The reality is there are more of the person who.

And, let alone whether failed person is sending what life, it is the United States it is that Come up lungs effort from there Tara mortifying.Is called “freedom” and “equality” but, as is advocated by the United States “equality” is “equal opportunity of”, it is not a “result of equality”.And well if you give the opportunity As a result, the result of it is the difference between their ability even as the difference occurs, the bad is their.

Or there of three Japanese “equality” is better in Japan the word “Equality of outcome”, former “one hundred million total middle class” and somehow it as appearing in that idealized, pressure for “results equality” I think so strong.

It is said well that certainly end Once you also fail the case of Japan.For example, Yoshikazu Kato that is “the most famous Japanese in China” also has said Such for Japanese society on TV (1 minute 8 seconds later under the you tube).

“Individuality is not respected in Japan, leaving piles is struck” is that you are saying he here in what was said, is the criticism of Japanese society.Well, praise the country in order to be accepted to the foreigners in a foreign country, to is often the case it is possible to criticize the country of origin as a result, you have so far, since apart from pointless nor criticism.

However, I as the recognition in Japan is not a intolerant country to “failure”, (if you deviate from the rail) either and says when Tara “No Child Left Behind” and I think I feel the end of it.Advanced Placement is not also less proffesional instead, society and good to be promoted simultaneously everyone.

Even if the university even if in high school, entrance examination is there, in Japan the current is current situation is put in somewhere if you do not even ambitious yourself.The adoption time also principle side-by-side, certainly, but the problem of non-regular in the current has been close-up, or it would not be there for even that flipped the ideal that it also employees should be all the same.

That deviate from such rail (or be known to others that deviated) most feared, it is decent, it is desired to be the same as the human society.Necessarily This is not a bad thing, that’s why I think a little give or social Japan really little difference even look at the numbers, such as the Gini coefficient before, or seniority is yesterday everyone was able to enjoy the decent life.

4 ideal and reality but already experienced “20 years lost”, and is becoming a significant disparity society in Japan.If you Will be once you defiant to the American way, but there are still intact are values ​​that good so far as equality (that is decent) in Japan.

The deepening of the other hand disparity society, there increasingly is also difficult people can send the lives of these decent will think whether Japan’s status quo.Such ideal (it should be their own) and reality (now of their own) of that while open gap, Is not this than the maximum of the problem of Japan, it is up to you ever thought such a thing suddenly you read this article.