Pyramid earthquake resistance that does not even the victim even after thousands of years with origami

Pyramid, which has posed a number of mystery to mankind since ancient times.It’s seemingly crumbling easy and seems is often pyramid, but in fact it is a seismic technology that does not also Vic also a large earthquake.

Though is easier to gain a stone of the same size, Why did bother stones at irregular size.The reason for this, and he standards than gain orderly the same stone, is better to laden and let complicated engage the irregular stone, it is said that because increases earthquake resistance.

Great Pyramid of Giza is attacked by a large earthquake in the past 3 degrees.In a large earthquake that occurred in the 13th century, Cairo has received the devastating damage, pyramid did not also Vic.While building stones are considered fragile, pyramid is not the case at all on it.

Actually At the bottom of the Great Pyramid of Giza, over a wide corresponding to a soccer stadium six sides worth as the basis of, and one seven tons of limestone paved To cocked, it is believed that it also contributed to high earthquake resistance.Although researchers have focused on the part of the foundation is small, these megalithic excised from 800km away, it is to have been carried, get is easy to imagine that it was a tremendous flame business.

And even in the big earthquake, the interior of the room and passage without damage, even leading to modern times through the month and day of approximately 4600 years, the side that was relative to the north, south, east and west are kept very accurately direction.From the fact of these, it come out ask the height of its earthquake resistance.Builders would had been designed in anticipation until there.

※ Shukan Post January 27, 2012 issue