TV beauty scoop witnessed 44 volley Asa arts is Mita! (1) 3 cups garlic Sasaki Nozomi ramen

Confronted by a beauty from the TV screen, also actress and girls holes that will not ceased to attract us, a woman.In the real world, you are variously engaged in a behavior of sexy elementary.That, just celebrity aura also help of dazzling, intense in the eyes of witnesses I burn -.Her us of the “decisive moment”, and large public in ultra volume!

Also in beauty who behave brilliant on TV, there is a moment that would suddenly show iodine.Does not know rainy season and surely there is a human eye, and he is and expose catapult surprising one side.


Last year September 3 (below, last year’s story if there is no stated otherwise), long-established ramen shop in Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, the goodwill of “Hope eaves” incredibly beautiful woman was duck.

Says the customer that was witnessed in the store.”It is early afternoon.Came in the men and women more than one person of customers.And some people are pulling something like a costume cases, women who were at the center were more profusely tapering back.When you see well and I thought it would be something or model, or is not it a rare Sasaki (23).& Ldquo; VIP guests & rdquo; in the unexpected visit, What clerk was also excited about, feeling like a “you are’ll go” even to carry ramen & ldquo; major role & rdquo; I a had Yuzuria~tsu ”

This shop of ramen Seabura was floated in large quantities soup & ldquo; chunky feeling & rdquo; popular.It’s image not incongruous with slender Sasaki in filled with beautiful, but that she was familiar with the fullest place atmosphere of.Raise previous customers a voice of surprise.

“And Sasaki ramen comes carried rammed a spoon in a container that contains the garlic that have been equipped to table.The scooped garlic, you can penetrated the riding on top of the spoon, it what generous helping.It 3 cups. And to Buchikomu in soup, and sipping slurping the noodles, I soup was also promoted drinking with gulp.Was like Sports Council system male students like a bite sore ”

There is followed by this story.”Because he ate there only a large amount of garlic, it was thought that it probably was the end work or off.However, If you check her blog the next day, the day was a production of fashion show called “Tokyo Girls Collection”.By from time zone, meal should was before production.Pattern of the show is also broadcast on television, she sent a cheer as the “Nozomi tea N ~” to fans, what had been sprinkled a smile, how was around the smell.Wrote drenched sweat, Even costume drifting garlic odor & ldquo; purchase & rdquo; on whether it would not be became “(supra of the customer)

That such Sasaki, the same also in Shibuya in karaoke shops are infested frequently.

Reveal the patrons of this shop.

“It seems to come well with the female staff of work entanglement.In several times Room is she sometimes had a look at, but I Menkurai is because, if the cross-legged had smoked a cigarette. ”
Gabagaba the sake innocent school actress

AKB48 Yuko Oshima flutter now (23) have also been witnessed a surprising meal scenery in eateries.That said, it is something pleasing that a combination of diet in the case of she was quirky.

Entertainment officials speak who has confirmed her appearance in a high-level puffer fish restaurant in Roppongi.”She seemed to have done many times in the store, in conjunction with another member of the AKB when I saw, I was pinching the blowfish sashimi that even one dish ¥ 7,000.Indeed it is what I thought hottest, but Coke she was drinking that profess the bibulous.And so, because it was something that would be instead you many times, I is was not ginger is cute. ”

In contrast to the Oshima, it’s Nana Eikura (23) of’ve seen the drinking scene Rashikara unexpected innocent school.

October, the drinking session that was held in Akasaka private room tavern that she had attended.

“It was like was drinking to comedians from and gusto, Supasupa tobacco, have liquor also doing a Gabagaba, the image that I thought was different 180 degrees.intoxicated and is becoming more and more daring, but it was nowhere man Ppoka~tsu.However, when well make a Listen, I had to say such things as “idle Ppoku seen the hate ‘” (same store officials)

With regard to smoking, there is also such sightings.”In early August, a large shopping center in Chiba Prefecture Funabashi, of the original mode daughter Sayaka Ichii (28) I was shopping with her two children.However, if you are crazy to smoke and to say it’s Lone, ‥‥ I wish was not good so much behaved “(shop clerk)

Midnight of August certain day, even in Setagaya of buckwheat shop, there was a figure of beauty that puff a cigarette.

This state had seen in the store, one of the customers say.

“Model-style beauty that you attended the Yankee style of women, I was something started talking about shooting.And, are you talking to death Kikoeyo “It’m too busy problem” is that we have entered the ear, if you except the face and I think where if hottest, it was Karina (27).I was drinking to incite the liquor with tobacco.However way back, to take women “Hey, here is paying yo” had to say it was impressive. ”

On the other hand, Karina has also been confirmed folksy one side.

Tell residents that often apparent her in Setagaya luxury residential area.In feeling swollen is “is usually face, it is always do not have decked To natural model.Summer of platform in mini skirt of denim beach sandals.And winter is wearing a coat that was Mosa~tsu.I think just to be a guy that she sells in “Nissen” that have come to the CM.Honest, but is not a feeling that model that is doing the fashionable state-of-the-art, good feeling is we were “way able to have, remarried and business partners to April 17, Aya Sugimoto was announced on August 31 (43) also had been glimpse a surprising real face.

About two weeks to publish the remarried before, place in Setagaya-ku, is the Italian restaurant near her home.and bloom to the “younger Rashiki Female Friendship 2 people and Girl Talk, I was leaving about three bottles of wine in about 3 hours.However, had been talking Sugimoto is relates to marriage, “merit or demerit or whether” it I was talking on the manner in which I worried Nante ”

The situation at the time, that while married to the world did not let me know.Maybe then, to your friends & ldquo; unmarried & rdquo; I might had under the guise of.

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