Imitative deception in Gachapin mittens tries to steal Mook apple

A boy of tropical born of dinosaur Gachapin’s (5), have reported that Mook is a boy of Abominable Snowman (5) was discovered that was trying to steal the apple on his blog.

Mook aim the moment that no one is “sneaky.Uhoho,’ll is a delicious apple ~.To no one is around, it has been because we like a little stomach … “and try to steal an apple, it’s that moment” A! Apple Dorobo Da~tsu! Useless to take without permission and Yo.Later discovered to Gachapin’s because you’ve got to eat with everyone. “.

Split second Mook was I have found “….Excuse me.Because it was too delicious apples, and apologized a final “.

But Gachapin Mr., discovered that Mook is wearing in hand mittens decorated with hand’s Gachapin.Apparently, it seems to have use of the mitten of Gachapin’s to try Chakuseyo the framed to Gachapin’s.

Gachapin’s also resented this deliberate crime.”And, Why are you my mittens?Terrible Naa.Loose loose, cunning Mukku “and has commented of anger, readers also” Mook !! is trying Nasuritsukeyo a sin to Gachapin Me insolent person, “” Mook is terrible, “” Mook I Loei (laughs) “,” Mook, confident I have commented, such as prisoners “.

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