fear of short stories that Naoki Tsunoda Mitsuyo drew Usuyami and madness lurking in everyday

[Book Review] “Beyond the child” (Mitsuyo Kakuta / Bungeishunju / 1260 yen)

[Reviewers] Yukiko Kōnosu (translator)

* * * It’s scary short story collection.It is a gem set to draw a “Usuyami and madness peek into everyday fraying” that specializes in Mitsuyo Kakuta.However, depicting modern life that landscape, such as condominiums and convenience stores appeared dive flavor is different from the previous short story collection.

“Contact Michiyuki” out of the “darkness of the ladder,” such as “over” all eight edition, but some of which understand the Tokyo stage is clearly nowadays, of the times, such as in between the modern and contemporary, where and could not local as well often talk.And feel the attraction that you want Sakanoboro to headwaters of human sin, there is somewhere peeled out of touch in the words.Do not unique work is among the author.

A pile of human raw plight origins on the death of others, this book draws repeat.There is a child of thinning and abortion in the river in the poor rural certain Hen.Also, in another hen, a life that were sacrificed in order to take advantage of one of the twin.In some Hen settlements, chief priest is trying to be immediately only Buddha for villagers.

But with this book to write “overlap on top of the death of others live”, it is not the only thing of such direct life of choice.Some raw also stand to Abunage on top of the truth of classmates, death was to Hitakakushi.Alternatively, in some hen, into and out of the house alone wife go faint Kizashi the madness, someone is with people, such as the black shadow?

How Hen even people shouldering a secret sin, I’m trying to run away from there.From its pushed obtained suffering, from the black darkness that comes chasing, devotion and faith, sometimes born to assumptions or tangled and distorted them, further inciting the people.Would forgiveness suffering visit.

In some Hen, woman who was shown his previous life was killed in childhood mother to fortune teller, I think while watching the face of a child he had been by the hand to the night of the river is now.”Was that which will lead to something that I finish the raw.Far forgive that the I was hoping. I am a mother, a child, or was there even in someone who was alive by someone ”

Person is alive by others.Author who has dug the raw concatenation is, is the excellent work that wrote or in a new approach that the.

※ Shukan Post January 27, 2012 issue