The name of the infant that has been introduced in even good! Is talking about the “terrible !!”

The 17th to broadcast “good laugh!” Has become a hot topic in the (Fuji TV) in the corner “impossible” is the name of the baby that has been introduced in “innovative! Baby name of Zazaza” and net bulletin boards and Twitter. Earlier in the same corner, “light air (Pikachu),” “Hime-boshi (Kitty)” “Nanaoto (Doremi),” such as it is the name had become a hot topic is introduced, the name of this introduction has been baby, what “Okuma cat (panda)” chan.Seemed guest team also that I was surprised indeed that we have seen a unique name that number. Then, immediately after the broadcast “impossible” is on the net bulletin board “When you are named children is poor,” such as “Do’s animal handling”, is criticism of the parents who named rush.Such as “Do not would seem to have playfully when job hunting” is in, also rose opinion that Anjiru the future of baby.In addition, such glittering name (rare name) Ureu voice many Japanese future is ever-increasing, positive opinion was little.Ken tremendous DQN name is [Related information] in both good has been introduced