Average allowance of salaried workers is 40,000 yen sum of money

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According to a survey of office workers spending money “Shinsei Financial you know that is introduced in” Journey of long-term investment of Rokusuke “average amount of pocket money a month seems to” 40,600 yen “.

In terms of age group, 44,500 yen for the largest number of 20’s, 40, 100 yen in the 30’s.It becomes 30,000 yen level 40s and 50s. And 20’s a lot of unmarried, the difference seems an out-of-the 30’s more than this.

By the way, allowance of one month to the ideal how much??”61,300 yen” answer to the question that is, seems to have been (average value).It is a number with feet on the ground despite the word ideal.

Essential uses for their pocket money, “the cost of the hobby”, “lunch” ranked first (52.9%), second place (45.7%), ranks third “drink money” It seems to be (39.0%).

Invite you are spending money compared to the amount of your own.I is the impression that solid figure that out than I thought.I is not say that there is room to be a ¥ 40,000.Eating out also for the width – ml low price chain store also I will convince.

For the first time, had the image of refrain from the luxury of time young children from birth have been married in general, such as preparing for retirement and housing costs and education expenses to be worried about, but the decrease in the allowance amount by age It is vivid If you look at the.

I have thought and thought enough to repeat if I repeat the age with them, and want to be able to luxury, and not put to see the living self-suppression worked in the early 20s began working.Tended to luxury catapult in fact even if I think so.

Once upon a time, friend to affirm that “the future anyway, since he should not without sending a humble life being held the wallet in (wife of the future) have been married, to keep soaking in one that can be used now” and is now on the other hand was.Even while it is thought that grasshopper conception, there was also a place that seems as “I see”.