Is there a season summary camp just before the reinforcement? Saitama Seibu Hen

“85” -.Speaking of Lions, was also strong solid baseball image over the offense and defense.Akiyama, Kiyohara, but cleanup of Destrade was destructive power preeminent, speaking of “golden age of Seibu Lions”, to more than “take a one-point”, “I do not do a one-point” was the style.Perhaps because the baseball style remains in strong impression, when we review the data of offense and defense run of 2011, no less what you would puzzled as “array!?”.

And became worried, but 12 blunders number of teams worst “85”.Team ERA 3 · 15 (4th).Team total steals the number “88” League 4th place.Stolen base number of top So “180” of Softbank, beyond even the half.However, the team batting average 20% 5 minutes 3 rin League second place, “571” of the team total score, the team total home run number “103” is a league top.It is thanks to home runs and RBI of two crown King winning Takeya Nakamura (28), but has been completely transformed into “attack baseball” from the “baseball defensive” ….
In addition, if the Hisanobu Watanabe Director (46), would not the also the season that are not struggling to make ends meet was not in the pitching staff so far.

First, two of the but starting pitcher, starting pitcher that has reached the prescribed pitch count Hideaki Wakui (25) and Kazuyuki Hoashi (32 = FA in Transfers to Softbank).Over the course of one year, and was defended properly rotation but it comes to “this two people only”, also 2010 Wakui, it was prescribed pitch count reaches of Hoashi only.Yusei Kikuchi (20), I’d expect the growth of Tatsuya Oishi (23).
Wakui 9 wins from 14 wins in 2010, Hoashi is to nine wins from 11 wins.Together has dropped the win, in 2011 the Fumiya veteran West Exit (39) demodulation.There is also a success of rookie Makita Kazuhisa (27), plus material was also not a few.Nevertheless, Watanabe director of suffered ends meet, it is because closer was accidentally “missing”.
Early warfare Atsushi Okamoto (30) has been struggling.Squaw ski cited previous year 33 save initially (37), had been scheduled to Grumman (34) applied to the demodulation, foreign players in the impact of the earthquake is neglected the adjustment, was forced entrusted to Okamoto.2010 was a starter personnel of years Minche (35 = Hsu Ming-chieh) to reliever, it has been Mise to catch up with relocation starter types of Makita in closer in rookie, minute that was tangled in the first half of the season, third place battle 144 game first I continued until.The 30% 3 minutes depressed team winning percentage up to 4 rin was able to recover up to 50% 3 rin 7 Hair, since there was a large Counterattack of September.Was sandwiched between the two draw from the same the 14th, 10-game winning streak.It was veteran west entrance to became its leading role.

Nishiguchi the shutout for the first time since June 06 (August 28), and decorate their own four-game winning streak until September 18, And Wakui, Hoashi, shore continued, was equipped with pace of finally starting pitching.For closer Makita, pitcher born in professional baseball commentator to evaluation this.
and “It’s Submarine, but you stand to batter’s box, his fastball will feel more of the speed numbers.It Is that his flavor, but if you bear a runner, fastball is slow.There is also a weakness that cut fastball is worse when it is consecutive pitching, it is not a closer type.That said extraordinary measures, and to fire in relief fails It was only a matter of time. ”
Veteran of 39-year-old has been entrusted with the core of the rotation, such as Makita that do not have the aptitude of closers is around in relief, in 2011 it specific has too many.

Speaking of “specificity”, also of home run king Nakamura record was so.It’s its own third of the same title win, but was put also of great difference 23 this in second place the first-ever.Nakamura of 48 out of the Pacific League home run total 454 pieces of 2011 on goal, become over 10%, it is most past in the occupancy rate.Was with “strike out king” in the 134 pieces of strikeouts (league Thailand).Nakamura “year that won the title of the home run king” is also a sure “strikeout king”.Was also double winner of the 3 degrees of “Babe Comes Home & strikeout king” recording, just the original Kintetsu Bryant and Nakamura.
Third place slipped’s final game with ultra narrow margin, but there was a dramatic, if you do not re-establish a defensive force and pitcher force, similar Nakamura of batting, it would go a further exciting and Daiaji team.However, you do not have to worry in the past of baseball style, but Watanabe director of skills drawn out the advantages of Gen’yu forces should be evaluated ….

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