Panasonic executives “South Korea Taiwan company of technology, sales force more than Japan.”

Word of “concern of industrial hollowing out” always to be subject to the yen and power shortage of news.Japan’s technical capabilities that has led the world, I wonder if being placed in any situation now? In contrast to the site of Japan’s manufacturing industry to exhaustion, the steadily the appearance of young people of Asia to wear technology, Yamashita Chikokorozashi Mr. economic journalists to report.

* * *
Asian young people are steadily honed skills.For example, Speaking of Chinese companies in Japan, technical strength is low, but tend to think and impersonation is large, it is five years, the story of a decade ago.Local companies that have Kachinui the competition in China, technical capabilities and also high quality, further aims to level up.

In Japan domestic factory, “trainees” that foreign workers of nominal, now is a function of the main.Rather than “job” is not in the manufacturing industry in Japan, it even It’s a reality that has been superseded by foreigners.Executive with Panasonic to point out this.

“Technical capabilities of Korean companies and Taiwan companies, product deployment force, and sales force, there are more than Japanese companies.Chinese companies also been rapidly increasing technological capabilities, South Korea, I now have a brand as a final product manufacturers lined up in the Taiwan companies.Are also more companies with domestic subcontractors more ability ”

For large companies, super-strong yen and power shortage, also say just cause of overseas transfer in a sense.In fact even in the technical capabilities of hepatorenal is, Japan is beginning to take a behind in Asia.

※ Shukan Post January 27, 2012 issue