“Attack on” all truth of famous beauties 23 people horror (4) Yumi Adachi “envelope bomb” incident

For celebrities, gifts from fans testimony of popular.but it got to the happy no doubt, are also fellows you wearing send a mono ridiculous in the past.& Ldquo; I look back the damage incident; gift & rdquo of fear.


Last fall in was released photo essay, Kumiko Takeda you publish a sexy shot, not think 43-year-old.Her even during debut, have experience that turned pale in unprovoked antipathy from the same sex.

1982, Takeda has been appointed to the quasi-protagonist of the movie “High Teen Boogie”.Protagonist, the match that Masahiko Kondo you have gained overwhelming female popular at that time.Fire had attached to the jealousy of match of fan the lover role by Takeda was Ithome.Takeda that was affixed to the subway posters, some are broken into shreds, what there was hollowed out eyes.

Protest of the phone, the production company of Toho and the agency of the movie, was rushed to the home of Takeda Hatewa.The “Shimae dead!’ll Curse to the death” most such kind physician.that letter incoming also, terrible thing was Keppan shape or razor-filled.

Also in “jealousy” is beginning, that was targeted from the opposite sex Naoko Kawai (48). ’85, Was given to send threatening letters from ardent fans who come in degrees.

He had been enclosed to bullets of shotgun and air gun in the letter that “kill Naoko”.Story of the sender, thing called Kawai and men idle do not like is to duet.Dust destination of anger is not a man idle, fan psychology’s complicated because he was directed towards the Kawai.

Actually the case that the victim had come out, stab in the coffin in the “NTV mail bombing” of December 94.

And served as the lead role in the drama of NTV “homeless Girl Sans Famille”, envelope explosion in popularity has been sent to the addressed Yumi Adachi at the time 13-year-old had a blast (30).Belonging office manager, Fumio Mr. Nishikawa of Adachi who opened the envelope was seriously injured in the left hand thumb.At the time, de Ishikawa Toshio look back before had regular appearances in wide show of NTV.

“After the incident, the handling of mail is now abnormally severe.Check in many layers such as through the sensor, such as the airport.Also send a CD and promotional video to entertainment personnel of production and record company office, it had quite lamented not reach the person. ”

Nishikawa manager then, return safely work.However, it has resulted in the left hand thumb is cut.

Currently, retired Adachi of belonging office, when you hit the Nishikawa, who has been working as a casting producer of the movie,

“Since the story, such as those interviewed do not have anything.”

I was refused coverage while polite tone and.

Aging is established in December 09 remains, which is not the culprit is caught.However, emotional wounds of the parties, not yet in still aging.