What was there in the Chia staff simultaneous retirement part Hokkaido prestigious high school sexual harassment reason

In Hokkaido of private high school, on the grounds of sexual harassment by director of cheerleading part, uproar that sophomore staff 10 people all issues the retirement part notification has occurred.What happened to the prestigious school to compete in the national level of competition.

Determined that “no sexual harassment” school side in helping you have piled up interviews from supervision.So as not to damage the student for the delicate problem, seems to have wanted to found a landing point over time, parents were not silent.

According to the president, “not the fact of sexual harassment” and stated Hokkaido Academic Affairs Division, from parents of cheerleading staff of Obihiro North High School in December 27, 2011, contains the complaints and are subject to sexual harassment committed by director that was.The same day, when inquiring about the situation from the Academic Affairs Division in high school side, it was answered that “There is no fact of sexual harassment”.

Academic Affairs Division responsible for the installation and approval of private schools in the province, but because Obihirokita high school of private, are kept to a minimum involvement of government based on the “private school law”.But until this, behavior and as if this coach is approaching dating to staff, and there is a suspicion that it was touching the staff beyond the guidance for was reported in the newspaper, even as the road to be “I want you to appropriately respond” to school and requested to side as the person in charge to speak.School side of that time insisted the “difference of opinion with parents”.

Glorious KOs of the wound was cheerleading part in 2005.Continuing with the 2010 and 2011 years in the powerhouse schools that competed in Japan Championship, when the official game of professional baseball and Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters was held in Obihiro, it also showed off the acting before the game.Director Upon guidance from the very beginning the wound, seems evaluation was higher from around.

Matsuura MamoruMakoto chairman of the school corporation Obihiro Watanabe Gakuen, which operates Obihirokita high school, an interview of J-CAST News, in terms of admitted that there was the offer of “Do not sexual harassment” from parents of staff, I was clearly denied “its not the fact.”.In cheerleading, but sometimes can not help but tell by touching the body of staff, upon carrying out the interviews from the director, it was concluded that not act, such as has been reported.

However, it has not been interviewed from the bottom line of students.If the staff of the balance of mind and body is a subtle age to school is a call Toitadase as “if it had been sexual harassment”, there is a high risk of damaging the heart, he called.Therefore parents side, seems to have published without fully but suggested that “from educational point of view, whether it be thought a solution over a little time”, wait guardians.

According to Matsuura president, the 10 students that issued the retirement part notification on the grounds of sexual harassment in the second grade all, you have to school as usual even now.Director who directed the “suspicion” is, has been teaching a number of staff, from the graduates was revealed that up voice referred to as “incredible”.

Part of the guidance, in which also claimed the parents side and the school side is direct opposition if it is recognized as “sexual harassment” to students, Matsuura president reiterates that “should not hurt the feelings of the students.”.Disposal of the coach for the conclusion of no sexual harassment is not performed, has continued to cheerleading portion is also activity.That, however, since the second grade ten flagship of the 16 people staff has gone missing, this remains in the participation of the tournament Mamanarazu, remained worry to insiders of teamwork.

Certification of sexual harassment act in club activities is, but very delicate problem.Also Contributions sites on the Internet, I see, “was sexual harassment in the adviser, was showered rant” trouble consultation that often.Is going really it was part of the leadership, there is a possibility to be recognized as “sexual harassment” to students.Actually even received a sexual harassment action to reverse, it is difficult to prove later as long as the other party is not recognized.

In recent years, was charged with quasi-rape against judo staff of the University, is Masato Uchishiba defendant cases of Olympic judo gold medalist still fresh in our minds.At this time, the person is concluded university side but denied the sexual harassment act as “black”, you have to disciplinary dismissal before being arrested.Also in the United States, a major scandal over the sexual harassment has occurred.Men coach who served many years of football part of the prestigious university, he that had been repeated sexual abuse to the staff of students Over the 15 years.The coach also arrested but denied involvement, after that has been prosecuted, I have developed into a riot also be dismissed until the president of the American Football part supervision and universities.