Ultimate rival showdown “survive is Which” I (7) sold out Queen “Risa Yoshiki VS love Shinozaki”

 Even in Gravure world this year, & ldquo; new erotic captain & rdquo; and Tour of the title of, Heated Battle of gong rings.I Risa Yoshiki referred to as the most comprehensive of erotic body (24) and Lori big tits love Shinozaki (19) of sparks.

In sweeping the gravure industry idle units, such as in the swimsuit and cosplay AKB48, it finally seems Strikes Back Gravure begins.Otari Akira Mr. speak of idle critic. Marriage of “Aki Hoshino was late-blooming (34), and Yoko Kumada (29) and Azusa Yamamoto (30) et al until it gets a real Arasa, in the gravure industry generational change did not go well.Among them, & ldquo; royal road & rdquo; Lori Big route of human resources was insufficient.Soredakeni, I have gathered is expected to young New heroine of 19-year-old Shinozaki ”

The like of F Kappupai such as cantaloupe Shinozaki, and shine in quasi Grand Prix at the readers’ poll type audition of manga magazine at the time of the 14-year-old’s talent that appeared in U-15 feature of CS program the following year.

Gravure magazine editors speak the charm of Big Tits.

“The so-called anime big tits, rounded like lamb chan” Urusei Yatsura “is attractive perfect score.Still in evolving, irresistible natural of the horizontal milk enough out Hami from normal bikini.Is called the fair of skin gloss, and delusion anyone Fucking and if a man ”

One of Yoshiki is, it is a marked contrast present in Breasts school.

The “if Shinozaki” but also Bakunyuu Lori “, it would be drop of gap that Yoshiki if” erotic while not a princess natural “.I attract a fan about the drop is large.Take a racy pose in skimpy swimsuit Yoshiki is, if Chablais the candy in Uwamezukai, unpleasant ends up associative sex also on “(Mr. supra Kotani)

Yoshiki even in shooting, gap of erotic degree in the first time and studio Moe of waiting room is that violent.Reveal the editor of the preceding.

“For example, rather than Nagarekawa of Twink and if the popular anime” Slam Dunk “, Kogure fan.Face to talk to be “would kindly” is girly itself.However, when directed the camera, also obediently reaction to pose of NG and if your high Gravure.Or bite of the V-shaped is intense, such as seaweed, thin and even will be higher swimsuit revealing much is riding a pair library, M-leg as well, and Nante be Shifts from physical education to sit the legs sideways and I’m me, depending also on the bold pose.”The feeling that is Yarasa, Doyakao” is what would be her gravure popular secret ”

This typical M-ish woman erotic is likely a step ahead Lori big tits.

“Even in AKB fans and herbivorous boys, I because there will be a desire to” I want to see more, “” I want to to such a thing. “.In addition, this year’s TV world, because it is going to be a flow of erotic level up to center the BS program, proven to increase the visibility in the “Campus Night Fuji” in ’09 Yoshiki is advantageous to reflection from the top of the experience masu “(Mr. supra Kotani)

Yoshiki of & ldquo; erotic new captain & rdquo; Shumei close.

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