China geek you wonder Ieyasu that there is no hero of the game

Novels of Tokugawa Ieyasu in China or played the Japanese history-based game or become popular, it seems to have known quite regarding the Warring States period of Japan.Among them, the influence of the novel is large, most famous Japanese Samurai in the current China I will seems Ieyasu Tokugawa.However, in Japan it seems to be or appear to little wonder between China geek in that it does not find a game that was the hero Ieyasu Tokugawa even game in which the Warring States period in stage.Exchange on the question had been made in China of net.

********* Sengoku era of motif game there are many things that the hero and central figure Nobunaga Oda.There is a masterpiece series also Toyotomi Hideyoshi also called “Taikou Risshiden V”.But the game that the Tokugawa Ieyasu was the hero is not.This would be why?

That reminds me I do not me work of Ieyasu hero also a history-based game of Koei!

No way!?The is no hero of the game though it is so much amazing presence me Tokugawa Ieyasu?

According to Tokugawa Ieyasu wiki of Japan, I it looks like they exit at once PC game.Just to not the home video game hero Tokugawa Ieyasu, it does not seem out from Koei.

Ieyasu Tokugawa Compared to Hado of Nobunaga Oda I little.I can somehow understand the game has not been made.

‘Cause it be because Ieyasu was longevity me became the last winner?It does make it Well like convincing enjoy player game.

Ieyasu guy say me only lived a long life is not anything to understand.To have the Warring States era of warlords who live longer than Ieyasu, have longevity Even Nobuo Oda If you look at the opponent specific standing position.But if there was a man that Kizukeru the Edo era other than Ieyasu?

I wonder I do think in the opposite evaluation of Nobunaga and monkey is too high.And even though it’s me making a long-term administration of more than two hundred and fifty years to end the Warring States period in the history of Japan could not be anyone other than Ieyasu Tokugawa.

That reminds me Ieyasu Tokugawa in drama of Japan I rarely or become a motif.Something but I think it’s likely favored by Japanese image where you win continues to patience to last.

I because novels of Tokugawa’s Uchi countries Ieyasu earnestly sold.Because Ieyasu died certainly Sekigahara’s Japan then Kagemusha is something work to become the Shogun has become popular and be different from the Koch of evaluation.

Toka impact of name recognition unexpectedly?Feeling that the Chinese history is not made only game of the Three Kingdoms because not only known Three Kingdoms in Japan.

Is probably not for me a is not known Tokugawa Ieyasu founder of truly one era.However, it may talk you heard that evaluation of the recognition of the common people Tokugawa Ieyasu of Japan is low.

The popularity of the Tokugawa Below Shimadzu.Shimadzu’s a very popular in Edo.

There probably.Though it is good to the hero Liu Bei and Cao Cao, you can either to the hero Sima Yi’s not gonna be bad?

And work hard to be able to live as long as possible length to avoid the unreasonable demand that befall to Ieyasu, if Toka patience game?I think it is game Toka and new to compete or the Ikagani safely to live longer but softened by bad-ish I …….*********

Ieyasu Tokugawa in China “people of patience,” “conservative,” but it seems there is an image, such as the “longevity to winners of the last Grasp the victory took the Warring States Period”, common in Japan “conspiracy House,” “raccoon dog father” image does not seem too much conveyed that.It seems to think or wonder about handling such a well from where in Ieyasu Tokugawa Japan.(Authors: Kagohitsuji Hyakugen)