Sawajiri Erika 3P, Lesbian … full Furunudo Sex in film movie anticipate scene

Good news came in microcomputer Sawajiri Erika (25).To Shirime the divorce problem that did not absolutely progress, he way of full-scale return has been opened as an actress.

Emitted in the arrogant attitude and stage greeting at the movie “Closed Note” “Apart from” early five years from remarks.This year it is in February’s Sawajiri to achieve the entertainment industry return on a mobile phone dedicated broadcaster “BeeTV” drama “L etM”, is appointed to starring movie “Hell Skelter” to be published this year in July.
“Joy how Sawajiri is not odd.Planning of previously surfaced movie “Lupin III” also will flow, I had given up the return of the movie mid.In fact, with regard to the re-debut of “BeeTV”, Sawajiri himself was reluctant much.Because viewers are limited.For “BeeTV” was Avex of management, there is a history that was aware reluctantly “(entertainment professional stakeholders)

Director Ninagawa is also known as a photographer Mika.Be called a great response in the five years of the movie starring Sawajiri are sure, but Sex in film’s has attracted attention to it more.What Sawajiri’s to show off the first nude in this movie.
“Director Ninagawa movie” confusion “in Tsuchiya Anna and Yoshino Kimura, became reputation in that it was the Yarra to the tangled extreme to Kanno Miho et al..Initially, persuaded the three that had been rejected, I have been able to shoot the did not Sex in film of that showed up to this, such as back and missionary position.The Ninagawa takes the megaphone.Moreover,’m just desperate there is no later Sawajiri “(insider)

That public office Sawajiri anxious, he challenge the customs Miss working in fat-only sex.
“The whole body cosmetic surgery is reborn as beautiful model, I redo the life.However, go find a raison d’etre and salvation to abnormal sex eroded the mind and body from the aftermath and the entertainment industry of stress of surgery “(production stakeholders)

Attention’s radical Sex in film.
“Sawajiri is or a lesbian play in the opponent Asami Usuda, to challenge until Omori Nao and 3P.You can lick the dick in Usuda and Sixty Nine states in the field Conte work plan, come out scenes or blame Usuda it with a male trinkets.Masterpiece includes a mono Omori in mouth fellatio scene.Cameras are projected at up only Nondo-moto Sawajiri.When the camera zooms out, Jupu, I can make a Jupu and sound contains Nani of Omori in mouth.However, so is not satisfied Omori shake from side to side the head with a Deepthroat state Grasp the hair of Sawajiri.That moment, a white liquid from mouth of Sawajiri’m dripping with Botoboto.Sawajiri or is accused of Vibe, you worship also Erika-like figure Hateru cowgirl “(movie stakeholders)

And that in the other, even cosplay costume, such as maid figure and queen can enjoy.Full day of resurrection of Erica like close.