“Attack on” all truth of famous beauties 23 people horror (7) “blog flames incident” ed.

Everyone “tweet” on the net space modern.Also ‥‥ pitfalls for the talent we there.


Speaking of blog fire incident, September 08, was beginning a radio statement that “it is too 35 years old when the amniotic fluid is rot” of Koda Kumi (29), the so-called “amniotic fluid incident” is still fresh in our minds.

Himself such as opening a clarification conference to meet in the evening news, and there was a great uproar.And there was the incident was informed fear of net flames.

Here, this & ldquo; flames & rdquo; and let me again explain the term.Speak is detailed in showbiz net circumstances, “BLACK The taboo” Editor’s, but Mr. Atsushi Yanase.

Scroll becomes longer and the “pros and cons that are received from visitors to the celebrity blog comment is thousands.It as the bulletin board threads growth & ldquo; summarized site & rdquo; I come can also.Before long, negative information comes up in search Top.This is the mechanism of the flames.Often begins from the remarks of television in a large media such as ”

Typical example of the large flames from the TV, but Momoko professional golfer Ueda (25).

Of October 07 broadcast on “passion continent” (TBS system), the “no future in (occupation as) volleyball and basketball,” and can take such remarks are, blog exposed to storm of condemnation.However, If you heard the front and back of context, but he supposed appreciated by the spirit of Ueda, only words that have been clipped, was shown the fear of fire to walk one.

Of course, there is also a blog originated blog flames.08 years of July Takagi Saya (48) = current-Ikue Masudo = it’s the case.Blame the rush to volunteer recruitment guidance to help the construction of “cafe on the theme of eco” on a blog to be labeled “such as transportation expenses and accommodation expenses borne”.Takagi himself to this, was confessed to blog “My heart is very sad.”.

Originally, but the story should ask the way itself of volunteers, it’s a fire and that indelible is easy once the fire arrives.So, what talent, what should I Mukiae and burst into flames?

“Basic is to ignore.Also eliminates the nature and interest if 1 week.Such as Nakagawa Shoko has flowed well.However, in recent years blog flames of celebrity is a decreasing trend.Because, management security is not firmly, for example, and yet or not provided comment field, because now celebrity uses a blog in a more user-friendly is good form.However, if written that it is contrary to the ethics also a joke, will no doubt be fit to costly eye “(Yanase Mr.)

None Tatari to God, which is not touched, such as the place or ‥‥.

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