¥ 10 million player picture book vol.4 annual income – “up 1 million yen or more each time you move the company” strategy consulting firm strategy consultant

With the aim of management professional, experienced a change jobs three times with 20’s.Currently, Mr Koizumi at strategy consulting firm, has served as the execution role of business revitalization of the leading companies that tilted management.Experience state-of-the-art management of steadily each time you change jobs, it has been up to one million yen or more in every annual income also move the company.It is Koizumi, who embodies the career picturesque, but ability to take action with the carrier original view of to win a place closer to the goal in the background.Was closing in on the secret to both give and targets high income -.

Q. I have quit a few months and one year commercial banks which was in the first.It is a bank there is no problem the bank, such as or is absorbed, but did you sent down a decision that why quit?Because there was a feeling that “I want to do in the future management,” We chose the city bank.We were considered to be well understood is the management of the company and financial analysis.When you say cool work, asset management business of affluent.We were there at work to be a good study, but I hit a big wall.It’s set up to the start line of vision of management layer, before any more than 10 years at the bank.To the experience of management practice in until about 30 years old, time axis does not fit in the bank.We were thinking so that it will quit the bank.

Q. Then change jobs to IT consulting firm, and was become a strategy consultant.Why I chose this industry?I looked for a company that are many people who embody their vision of professional management in the early 30s.At that time, and I thought I would want to wear both the power to make business management and management skills.As a result, I was thinking consulting firm is whether it is best.

Q. I hear from entering the strategic force in the IT Farm’s challenge, so why was assigned from the beginning?And to have been assigned by chance at the time of OJT, and it was a project of the new business strategy of the bank.It’s been assigned for myself was a bank from.Well, I was lucky.The appeal strongly to the project manager he would want to go to the team of strategy, I had to pull here.In addition, personnel strategy of electronics manufacturers also experience in this farm.It is said like “! Write a bird’s-eye view of the business of this company” suddenly, and I was rolling up a hard time at first did not understand anything (laughs)

Q. It is turned to the net venture in about two years, do you there is any background to this turnover?This career change’m quite irregular.How did the pan-industry social event.It’s ran a exchange meeting on the theme of entrepreneurship, but to make friends with the president of venture dealing with web business in its operations, I began to help at night or holiday work of his company.At one point, it is invited seriously as “Are there any willing to come to my house,” the president.And did you change jobs and say, “let me directly involved in management”, and so I said, “let us love done”.To make the business of consulting, we promoted in this company.It was also responsible for tasks such as public relations · IR personnel from design at the same time.

Q. Outstanding performance as executives of venture exactly.With the led to the route of IPO as executive if the trend continues the? But, to have been turned to the consultant again.Have are in the strategy of independent farm a friend who I met by chance in the NPO activity, do not come to the “house?And is invited to the “.It’s back to the consultant to develop a business strategy is retreat the carrier basis.So I did not mean to return to the consultant, but it was a story of the department dealing with business revitalization of companies that management has stalled.It’s turned to be a chance of a lifetime Tazusawareru directly to big business.

Q. What work of business revitalization Are you? Struggle than many?It is a place to interact directly with the President, and Yakumawari of Division.Presents the policy, managing the progress of the rebuilding.I mean hard, every day is exciting.In order to hold a heated discussion with the audience until 0:00, and then follow, and drinking until about 2:00 to take the audience (laughs).

Q. What is the secret to go to raise the annual income in the career change as Koizumi’s?I have a goal in two axes and career much annual income.And to become managers of operating companies (layer) to up to 35 years old as a carrier.Annual income is 10 million yen to up to 30 years of age.Since we achieved the other, the target is the next 50 million yen annual income.Having a goal in the two axes of annual income Job Description (carrier) is still important.If you just annual income, and fascinated to just high income job, and just work content, because more likely to fall into complacency.Also, to act to make a scenario firmly for career goals.People who have both the ability to take action with the scenario I will succeed.I’m going to exchange meeting If you are interested in entrepreneurship.The president Tara purchase that interesting and you go to see even if there is no use.And I think such Vigour’s important.

Q. Goals and future?I do not think you want to be Livedoor, but it becomes a human resources of future management layer, I want to continue to change the system of world.I want to change the place strange purely.For example, it is the education sector.Education in Japan is full of problem no matter how you look at it.It’s creating a new school also is good.Besides, such as support for working women.The theme is different, but I think it is not dispensed with “no choice” with respect to the change of the world is necessary, and you want embarked as a business profitable if someone.

Koizumi called out their faces to soccer practice team of bank holiday period still.It is a hard work of strategy consultants, but they spent the off fulfilling Take the four-wheel drive car of the holidays, and go a long distance drive and skiing.Become a business consultant in playing 20’s, only to have gained the practice of management steadily, I’m looking forward to what extent the experience or bear fruit in the big 30’s.
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