Do collapse start of Kim Jong-un regime in North Korea power struggle within the year to quagmire

In sudden death of Kim Jong Il, Kim Seion new administration’s successor has started in hurriedly constructed.The most important person to support Kim Jong-un regime is said to Jang Sung-taek, National Defense Commission Vice Chairman is the husband of Jitsumai-KimuYoshinobu of Kim Jong Il.But in North Korea leadership are swirling the magma of power struggle.Or really of Mr. Zhang is a most important person? What will happened now North Korea.To English-Japanese Lee reports of Kansai University Professor its inner workings.

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Let me correct the myths surrounding Jang Sung-taek.Has been accounted for seat immovable real power ranking second place consistently under Jang Sung-taek Wakin Jong Il regime.

Certainly, there is also a direction to point out the “ups and downs” of Jang Sung-taek.Specifically, from October 2003 to January 2006, I refers to the fact that movements is lost To Puttsuri.”House arrest theory” and “imprisoned theory” was or flow because of that.

However, I am in exactly the misunderstanding.This period, Jang Sung-taek receives surgery for chronic disease of prostate cancer in China, then to have been sent a recuperation in Pyongyang.The postoperative course on track, not anxiety health.

Continue even office during recuperation, the United States military reconnaissance satellites at that time, have been viewing the appearance of Jang Sung-taek reciprocating the home and office in the so-called “9:00 to 5:00”.After that, the nominal periodic inspection, and across the border in alone bought a passenger car, has been working to close communicate with the Chinese authorities Repeat frequently visit to China.

Jang Sung-taek is also known as the “incarnation of the power struggle”, it is in why it is described as a “song not read the bottom of the belly’s” from the Chinese government.This Jang Sung-taek is old the pre-eminent political, wife KimuYoshinobu grips the funds of the party.On the other hand, I was laid to vertex-total chief of staff of the army forcibly the RiEi鎬.In this Fushofuzui and right arm of Lee Ei鎬, I’ve been holding down the essence of collective leadership.

However, unexpected eventful that Kim Jong-il died suddenly happens there.This is going to Nurikaeyo again the power map of collective leadership.

Harazumori of Jang Sung-taek was this.Beyond one year, I pull in the three-legged race of Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong-un.And, we will eliminate gradually the counter factions remain in the party and the army in the meantime.But, is the scenario that has ended up blanking with Kim Jong Il sudden death.

In fact, “Gyakuzoku” influential person, O Kuk-ryol, National Defense Commission vice chairman of the military going to drove to goner by up to handle, you ride the wave of unity under the state of emergency, plays a resurrection drama of surprise was.Same circumstances, apply to Hyon Chol-hae and Lee Akihide both generals of was sworn friend of the late and high English princess in the second son = TadashiAkira-ha.On the contrary, RiEi鎬 that Jang Sung-taek was brought up, although title is the very respectable, it is still powerless within the military.In addition, Jin Yu secretary was influential allies of Zhang and his wife, lost its political influence in the death of Kim Jong Il.

to win in the power struggle that Jang Sung-taek is wash the blood in the blood, it is essential to alliance with the RiEi鎬.But, RiEi鎬’s ambitious.It is not necessarily to be resigned to “Jang Sung-taek of right arm” forever.So alliance Jang Sung-taek and RiEi鎬 brittle.

Power struggle under Kim Jong-un regime will be exhibiting the quagmire of aspects invisible winner.And, the collapse of the Mokin Seion system starts the end of the year at the earliest.

※ SAPIO2012 year February 1 – 8 issue