¥ 1,200,000 of Yu-Gi-Oh China geek who surprised the card

The other day so rare card of “Yu-Gi-Oh” Yahoo auction has been successful bid at the price of more than 1.2 million yen, it had become a hot topic in China nerdy of bulletin board that.Since the work that became the “Yu-Gi-Oh” is very popular higher one time in China, Yu-Gi-Oh card is something that is easy to pretty image even among China nerd but include, but seems to have surprised the price of 1.2 million yen.

********* Is card exhibition became a prize at the World Congress of the Yu-Gi-Oh in Japan of net auction, it seems to have been successful bid at ¥ 1,200,999.Is also I are supposed to be great value of Japan’s Yu-Gi-Oh card.

or much RMB’s and 100,000 yuan.When considered as a collector’s item it may lower the be, but I’m high Wow Given the Yu-Gi-Oh card one.

1.2 million yen in Yu-Gi-Oh card!?Value of Yu-Gi-Oh card of Japan or the same as in the works!?

It’s work that had been addicted time I also small me Yu-Gi-Oh, and because I have also collected card by chasing the anime and manga, and such price is stick it would feel somewhat strange.

I NBA trading card of something also may become quite high and I’m not rise until here.And this, probably geek items?What with’m going to be in this price.

I have it’s price not buy even worked one year.The frightening me the world of trading cards.Recently has come to dabble in collection of nerdy of items, and try not to go only to over there.

While it’s me becomes higher because it is rare goods can understand, this amount is more than the imagination indeed.Toka Yu-Gi-Oh card, the old days I would think extra so because pirated guy was crazy to circulate.

Is this what Choroi Japanese otaku, or this much money do you want and whether the company is amazing that it was brought up to market a human have to think out, and I wonder Which of ……

some extra discomfort for me Yu-Gi-Oh card that I had hooked a long time ago.Courage Nante spend the many months worth salary in there is not in their own.

But, I’m not even necessarily separately strong me this 1.2 million yen of card.There wonder.Wonder if the geek is such Toka was absolutely wanted.

Though character and equipment of Netoge is expensive and trading also on the inner of the country, there is’s a practical product that can be or show off their strength, I to is also a resale also available investment products.I think it as different from the matter of this card.

Unexpectedly and whether or was the same sensation and investment in art?Well, even not not understand.

Not the feeling when it is this price other children games and geek Goods.When honest come up here, in the world of the story of art and nerd and unrelated mania, only people with money will come to the feeling collection put out a hand.*********

Even stomach know that China geek also collector’s item folks of are traded at a high price, their is not much talk of reality of that card comes out high price so far in “Yu-Gi-Oh” that may have nibbled a long time ago I did think not as to.(Authors: Kagohitsuji Hyakugen)