Table Tennis now elementary school soap! Olympic athletes Kirikirimai

Table Tennis of the All Japan Championships in national young players obscure to big success “accident” happened winding.In the men’s singles final of the general public that have been made on the 22nd (January 2012), in London Olympics representative Yoshimura Mahale players Yamaguchi Noda Gakuen High School three years (18), Jun Mizutani players aim the tournament six consecutive first victory defeating 4-3.Mizutani was not able to stand up while it is worried.

Even after another’s upset in activities of Kasumi Ishikawa also struggling was small 6 deathblow “commuter” elementary school of genius table tennis boys and girls.In women’s singles of the general public, elementary school students most records and six years of Miyu Kato players listed four wins to be (12), play against the world No. 7 of Kasumi Ishikawa player 5 round, two sets but the last was defeated The I took.Its Special Moves, his father was devised in the narrow practice field that made to remodel the home garage, and named after the my name “commuter”.Ishikawa was also at the mercy of the this trick.

In high school sophomore following junior women’s section, elementary school students went up wins to the final for the first time in 13 tournament.Fifth grade Miu Hirano player (11) to play against Tanioka Ayuka players (17) of high school, and became the straight losing was although Ai Fukuhara player since the runner-up.Of general men’s singles of elementary school six years in part is Izumo Shokuto player (12), and increase the competition for the first time of victory as elementary school, yet advanced to the third round with two wins.

Although caster of Terry Ito “previously was only Ai-chan, I reliable to come more and more.I’m want to win in China ”

Think all the same.Next Olympics or the following about in it be feasible.