Best 11 … German paper Kagawa is the fourth time this season first goal Assist highest rating

In Hamburger SV game of the Bundesliga Section 18 which took place on the 22nd, scoring points and contributed greatly to the victory, such as 5-1 to assist the Japanese representative MF Shinji Kagawa, Best Eleven now clause of the German magazine “kicker” elected.

Magazine Kagawa the “1.5” (1 is the highest point, 6 is the lowest point) scored with both 2 and he was marked down for the score Robert Lewandowski, evaluation is second only to “1” in the Polish representative combination of Jakub Brass Chico Fusuki I have received a.It should be noted, Levan de Fusuki has been elected to the Man of the Match.

In addition, magazine elected Kagawa Best Eleven now clause.This Kagawa became the season fourth time of election.Other Levan de Fusuki colleagues, has lined brass Chico Fusuki is the name, Marco Royce from 6 players have been elected from Borussia MG broke Bayern.

In addition, Germany paper “Bild” is scored as “1” Levan de Fusuki, Brass Chico Fusuki, with Sven Bender Kagawa, has given the highest point.

Kagawa is stated residual “only do not believe that to succeed in Dortmund”
Kagawa, I lead the Dortmund to victory in a brilliant assist and accent
Okazaki season points 4th, Uchida full participation & hellip; Sakai is the first bench
Hosogai full participation, Augsburg is Sekihai & hellip; Vu~orufusu Hasebe bench outside
Bundesliga all 18 teams of the acquisition and release list from here