Stationery Akiko, and show off the makeup of the previous 34-year-old! “The beautiful even without makeup …” to Puripuri skin & whitening a fan of the comment rush

Akiko stationery greet the birthday of 34-year-old this month 27th, have published the makeup in the official blog.Although a is for impression changes Nomeiku, it’s the image the first time in Beautiful Skin of stationery is outstanding.

And worked as a gravure idol since I was a teenager, then talent, also soon 34-year-old stationery that went to increase the width of the active to the actress.It might be to the possibly when 33-year-old last, memorable (?) The makeup has been posted, it’s a blog post of January 21 date, entitled “makeup in rude (laughs)”.

Showcase has been no makeup is, hear about properly to be a completely Nomeiku, while there are amazing people in the gap between the usual, expected of a word is Beautiful Skin the first time of about Well tolerated even while the.Precisely because a good foundation is, if the makeup would be convinced it is not likely to be he even shine.

Rush comments that more than 100 cases from the fan to the same article.Many even compared to this comment number of everyday articles, Omakeni what the majority has praised the makeup.There is also a jealous comments as “Nante beautiful even without makeup …” is in, should people often feel the same kind of feelings.Although large suits women phrase take the way of clean year, stationery would also be one of them.(Rei editing part Fukuda)

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