Beautiful woman crunch! “Miss campus” of the boom in China – Taiwan media

January 22, 2012, in China has gained popularity is the beauty pageant in recent years, especially “Miss campus” is attracting the booming future promising of beauty is excavated and crunch, also note the opposite bank of the Taiwan media.Today newspaper (NOWnews) was introduced by enumerating the flowers of these campus by genre.

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Powers to home to the world’s population.Only in the denominator is large, probably the number of beauty also increased with nature.”Sexy” “neat and clean system” “boyish system” “mature system” such as “fashionable system” “atmosphere system”, various types of beautiful women.Appeared to things such as “next to the sister-based” “ultra-Moe” “Bikini Queen system” in.

Image is reproduced by one after the other Internet users, that until she our private life has been one after another referral.(Translation and editing / love ball)