Talk intellectuals “Why can not succeed Japanese players in Spain”

Soccer journalist Ozawa Ichiro’s tweet is, is calling topic.

The 24th, Mr. Ozawa from the accommodation of Valencia, for the players who participated practice Spanish team “given something, they are accustomed to be moved by being instructed, what to do before the suddenly not know what to do time I do not know “and Tweets.At the same time, it is suggested that “If you have seen a number of such players, really seemingly good put away in the players individual problem?” And also said, this is a problem that is common to Japan of training age.

In fact, Japan’s training age (junior high and high school students) will generally send the daily “football pickled”.Imposed a hard schedule, including a morning practice, also almost no cases holiday through one year.While wearing the tough by dedicate the student life in football, not enough players in terms of autonomy is often.

As a matter of fact, successful Japanese player in the Spanish league is a league of the world’s top level is not.Shoji Jo, Yoshito Okubo, Akinori Nishizawa, also main class of Japan representative such as Shunsuke Nakamura end generally failed, currently playing patriarch Akihiro (Mallorca) is also day-to-day outside bench continues.

The only situations where Hiroshi Ibusuki has been Tatakiage from 3 league (Sevilla) spit care.Ibusuki can not be promoted to the top from Kashiwa youth, was chosen warrior training abroad, and as it were, “was departing from the Japan of nurturing environment” players.

Currently, but is often play to Japanese players abroad, most are concentrated in the German Bundesliga.And Bundesliga, not a world top-level league.As long as Ozawa’s pointed out to such a situation continues, the player that works in Spain might not come out quite.

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