Martial arts compulsory is Gusaku itself

Martial arts is compulsory from this year in April. 
 This martial arts compulsory that could be at the time of the Abe administration, would embody hawks thought itself of Shinzo Abe yuan Prime Minister. 
 Martial arts, judo, kendo, but seems to choose from sumo, which also costs money. 
 All will become the school lunch costs even unpaid problem has occurred, why, and what must be strong such burden, the idea is Kichigaizata. 
 The judo of risk, has also been pointed out many ever. 
 I will introduce so next blog is organized very well. 
 Secretariat Public Relations Office of Muranose Rena
 Question and order to the martial arts teaching in schools
 While many of the risk is pointed out, martial arts introduction has been determined by the whim.  
 For voice that it is dangerous, the government’s response,
 “To promote police OB ministry consider safety measures enhance the judo guidance” (Sankei Shimbun delivery January 22, 2012)
It’s so, it is really an ad hoc basis. 
 By it to become a “re-employment” of police OB, also I wonder, but also be using a lot of budget, we have exposed that it was not even thinking such as safety measures. 
 Moreover, to some extent, is not a finished high school students of the body, is itself also a problem that compulsory in junior high school. 
 By the way, compulsory of such grapes are very problematic. 
In “judo compulsory, voice inexperienced desire anxiety … training enhancement from teachers” (Yomiuri Shimbun delivery January 24, 2012), “Just voice to deny compulsory itself is little.Mie Prefecture Owase Municipal junior high school of male teachers (52) learn the etiquette to “more than other sports.I want to also experience in order to train yourself “, if you learn the male teachers (38) also” passive Gifu Municipal Junior High School, and also lead to the prevention of everyday injuries “and emphasize the significance.and “it is so, but a means to learn the etiquette is martial arts, is really anachronistic, it does not get forced to said hubris also extreme.It is also a blasphemy to other sports. 
 Even look at the Masato Uchishiba Mr. It is too far too the “etiquette”. 
 Let alone over the falling skills in first grade boys in practice that became incident (then 6 years old), such as those that were killed after, do not think very sport of thinking, what the heck is with such leaders such of can not help but think how. 
 To say that “passive”, it does not mean to acquire only “passive”. 
 If a concept that is “specialty”, already to some outdated itself, in such a reactionary ideas, heck, what would you want to play in the education. 
 Especially in Japan sports community, or a hierarchical relationship of seniors and juniors, or a guts theory, has been rampant pre-modern idea roughly (still, in the violence, that there is Koshien participation declined to Nagekawashi is that.).Power harassment, it is also a sexual harassment of hotbed, it can be said to be far from “etiquette”. 
 It is like the world, such as the army, I, to the idea of ​​martial arts compulsory, it is a idea that a inward militarism thought is smell the Stink, not help it but think that it is the introduction of the premise of conscription. 
 Such harmful martial arts compulsory is, immediately, you should quit. 
Tokuoka HiroshiIchiro lawyer blog
“Shinzo Abe administration of sequelae Basic Education Law worse → or school death accident in martial arts compulsory in junior high school from this year.”