Illegal copies to be spread in Korea, net users Hirakinaori “This also Korean culture”

On the Internet of Korea’s space illegal copy of comics to spread (spread).Be copied works by mostly popular works of Japan, it is translated into carefully Korean so that Koreans read are listed.Thus copyright infringement extreme in Korea, recently, have occurred uproar On illegal copy of cartoon.

Korea Media “New Daily” October 23, posted an article called “embarrassing to Japan … and” illegal copy Korean culture “”.

According to it, Korean cartoonist Ju Homin Mr. began the series of comic “with God” from January 8, 2010 on the Korean portal site.This work records the explosive access on the net, Ju Mr. won numerous awards.The Noboritsume it in the blink of an eye to the popular writer, was blessed with the opportunity to serialized in Japan’s manga magazine “Young Gangan” (Square Enix).

Square Enix acquired the remake rights of “with God”, I was allowed to start the series from the original December 2011 of Miwa Yoshiyuki drawing.In this case, Ju Homin who know well the illegal copy of Korea, has been declared to be “thoroughly prevent the illegal scan and translation”.

The remark in vain, magazines someone scans the cartoon to five days after that was released, and posted on the net can be translated into Korean.Japan version was released in Japan “with God” was supposed to be touching in the just a few days in the eyes of the Korean Internet users as Korean version.This distributor of Square Enix did not request the deletion in Korean community site or blog that illegal copy has been posted, it was announced that it would conduct a legal punishment for the first to the user who spread the illegal copy.

But Korean user et al., All at once to rebound to the corresponding Square Enix.Some person, “illegal scan also a Korean culture.Japan Mitomero “it said, such as” money’s it important cultural life to see the illegal copy in the absence of youth “,” piracy long been one of the culture “, let alone admit non, but rather blame the Square Enix side began to.

In fact, not only comic in Korea, anime, movies, illegal downloads such as music are prevalent.Recently and heightened awareness of copyright, but is illegal download from strengthening the crackdown on the decline, but still illegal copy of comics in the still lawless, is bad what to look at the net user from even “illegal copy?It’s like a feeling like “.

According to the article, in the ’07 annual comic piracy raids number is 350 788 cases, of which overseas cartoon account for 273,913 items and about 70%.If this remains illegal copy is a state in which to spread Following, even after forever will not appear writer that produces good works from Korea.For anti-piracy, First of all, we need awareness of Korea youth.

See: What is embarrassing … “piracy Korean culture” in Japan – New Daily

(Sentence: Yumi Hayashi)

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