[From Asia! Mantis of corpse contamination in Breaking News] instant noodles.(Taiwan)

in instant noodles Taiwan renown food company “維力 food” is released that the mantis of carcasses had been mixed, I found in the complaint from consumers.And the discovered is a woman living in New Taipei, and appealed to local media and frustrated in the corresponding food company.

The contaminants are found, the type of instant noodles pour hot water, women noticed contaminants that can float in soup from beginning to eat noodles that.In contaminating had the mantis of about 5 cm length, surprised woman’s right multiplied by the immediately phone to the service center.

Skilled in the art that received a phone call was responded by sending instant noodles 1 box as well as apology and let direct the person in charge.However, women have complained and sincerity was not felt to those skilled in the corresponding.

Tried to local media Find the interview of skill in the art, currently in a state in which contact can not be taken because it is in the New Year holiday, it is not yet known about the mantis contamination route.
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