Japanese women married to Koreans are increasing rapidly??? Not a reverse?

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Why is popular with Japanese women, Korean men in Korea = “because manly”

K-POP and Korean drama has caused a “Korean Wave” in Japan.The reported “Korean men are popular,” said among Japanese women aboard the boom, South Korea media were discussed such as the characteristics of Korean men and the reason.


Hmmm.And to say it’s the Korean boom in recent years.Women to socialize with Korean men also would have increased.

However, since no women says Nantes want a relationship with Korean men around me in fact, it would be not even enough to make noise exaggerated so much in fact?I think also, but I wonder what about?People go to South Korea travel, but many both men and women.

If you let me say from the experience of the UK stay, more Korean women I’m think it’s curious to Japanese men rather ….

With that said, it became like this Why do not you examine the data of marriage.

(Author created from the annual change http://www.mhlw.go.jp/toukei/saikin/hw/jinkou/suii09/marr2.html number of marriage as seen nationality of Mr. and Mrs.)

Probability of marriage if opts in what some see as well I mean such a high, but the number of women to marry a person of the Korean nationality not increased in particular.Well, of course, I do not may explode in the future ….?

The man is getting less slightly, but still about two times that in the case of women.It has increased considerably in comparison with the 1970.


Not reported and are a lot of Korean women who are interested in Japanese men work of the mass media which you want tilt the Korean Wave?Lol