[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “song, is your good ne!” AKB Iwasa Misaki raw song was impressed of “AD Mamayu” involuntarily Porori.

Iwasa Misaki to solo debut on February 1 in the “unmanned station” as Enka singer from AKB48 (16), has received an exclusive interview TV program.She was reporter also thrilled when you show off “Heavy Rotation (Enka version)” that becomes the coupling song a cappella.

Went an exclusive interview to Iwasa Misaki kimono figure is, it’s popular reporter “AD Mamayu” information program “Shûichi”.Originally as the name she’s a AD, but is of a increasingly popular natural of the Te uke to perform the assault coverage without hesitation to entertainer.

Iwasa you saw the “AD Mamayu” appeared in kimono figure to match the Iwasa Misaki “We know in the script” Mayuyu’s, I’m different I was surprised and do it “is doing regular”, AKB NomaYuyu It seems that I thought (Mayu Watanabe) comes.

Feeling of when the “solo debut was decided after such exchange is?Iwasa is “Itano’s being questioned and”, and since then with third person of “Maeda-san, but how that deep feeling incidentally 3rd solo debut in senior of AKB.In addition she told us that the state of mind “after all, be a singer is happy was because it was a dream of from the time with discretion”.

“There seems to be sung to” Heavy Rotation “in the coupling from AD Mamayu?When touched with “, Iwasa than is sang the climax part of” Heavy Rotation (Enka version) “in a cappella suddenly without any preparation and” Would you like to sing “.”Heavy Rotation” slow, which is arranged in the minor tone had already become a thing of Iwasa Misaki.

Completely AD Mamayu you have Kikihore is thrilled “great! Song, It is your good!” Has been praised, and than is had to mouth kink of “I song is good” for the singer.Iwasa also “wonderfully, was nervous,” was but it was a complicated expression returns and.

The Iwasa Misaki solo debut single that will be released on February 1 “unmanned station”, “Lost and Delirious” In addition to the “Heavy Rotation (Enka version)”, even standard songs such as “Seto no Hanayome” has been recorded.

In addition, according to the Iwasa Misaki official blog “New Super Misaki time”, Uta of “unmanned station” from January 25 to be with is Exclusive from Rekochoku.Benefits also seems to be such as standby screen and sign, here also I’m looking forward to.
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