Girls, fan “too much” in-flight paparazzi coverage

Recently, on the bulletin board of a portal site, published a photograph along with the writing of “bohemian record on board of Girls” which was published in the entertainment specialty paper “Face magazine” of Hong Kong, and has become a hot topic.

In this magazine article, Girls members we I was a paparazzi photograph taken in stark a state in which taking a rest on board to scoop.

In the published photograph, Jessica resting slowly while stretched out leg before seat.In addition, Yuna is eat snack and wide open mouth, Soo are deep sleep to open the mouth.And Sunny are reading a book.

The photo was published in the magazine has been taken but it is said that business class airline of South Korea, it is not known until the Who took on any airplane.

From Internet users who saw the photo or “Even though very private space, severity too” “It’s malicious news” “Star our privacy for is not protected?”And I was full of criticism.

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