“I keep saying to Janney’s” The Tour of the Kyomoto parent-child, Tetsuko and Janney president talks?

Kyomoto Masaki was a Johnny’s talent!?

Of course actually’m not such a thing, but perhaps there was also such that it maybe.Guest of “Tetsuko’s Room” of January 18th (TV Asahi) is Kyomoto Masaki.And the was suddenly projected on the show opening is, son of Kyomoto belonging to the current Johnny’s Jr., it’s a photo of Kyomoto Taiga.

“This beauty youth.Well to really, but you might want to say that teenager, I make your success ”

And, Tetsuko to the taiga description of photo.

“Toka Toka home children, is not it does not feel at all those things.”

Door Tetsuko also as say, speaking of Kyomoto Masaki, one of the actors who do not feel the private smell of too much.However, there until the child is married.On the contrary,

“Because Botchan says me that contains Johnny!”

And, it’s excitement.Kyomoto Papa that speak that of his son on television is almost the first time, in the middle of the program and began talking about his son, said the Tetsuko.

“You also long time ago, not” come to Janney’s?What I have a thing that was told me. “?”

Eh!? It’s unexpected deployment.And so thing of about 13,4-year-old, Toka’s anything at that time, if you are popular and to send photos to Johnny among women, so because I sent a photo.So from sudden Janney’s, there was a phone call that “is Janney”.The generational, and about a little above TanoKin trio.If I had entered into as it is Johnny’s office, and the countdown concert, you can appear alongside the match and Eastern, Hey! Say! JUMP and Sexy Zone from the figure of dance Kyomoto dad sing in accordance to the back was seen might be.

Well, son, Taiga.Son photos of taken in Hawaii,

“Happened over the hand of Mr. Janney”

What, is also the amazing environment photo to go to the place of Mr. Janney in “happened”.Although told me that he such that it that through a common friend.Look at the photos, through a time of more than 30 years, the phone “This is Janney” becomes again.Janney san, Tatamikakeru.

“Are you married!?”
“The’re son!?”
“I saw pictures!”
Some “interest?”

After all then went to see the Johnny’s performances, and that he was supposed to be as it is up to the stage.Parent and child to Janney, who was a scout for two generations Kyomoto,

“Janney’s Te, I really have a good eye.”

And, Tetsuko also a satisfaction down.Upon Johnny’s office admitted, it is possible and we asked from the Father “Please severely”, “Toka ability, and then you left and right luck also really, because the timing also left and right” only “never debut is not even all.The Toka because I got a leading role, do not even have all of that because I put the song “such as, the severity of the entertainment industry, and speak from the position as senior Kyomoto Masaki.

Even while showing that kind of severity, is his masterpiece the “killer! “Series, etc., as” a dream say Nante I hope if Yare someday, I think you glance “, had a little also show the face of the father.Tetsuko bites into there.

Not talk She even has out in conjunction with the “son?”

Kyomoto is,

“If it said in …… Janney’s”

Split second Returning to joke and Pepper Tetsuko and,

“I like to say a little Mr. Janney”

San and Tetsuko of Janney, this casual distance.It seems the father of connection is not possible use policy, but from a different direction that Tetsuko, yet the possibility of top talks approach came out.Parent-child co-star, there may be realized surprisingly quickly.

And suddenly the ending,

“But, it is because about I did not know even the come is such child to you, I!”

Once again say Tetsuko’s.Before and after the connection is also not much, but also feel that you do not know well what’s a “But” and “I!” Against, is itself that had a son in Kyomoto Masaki, was worrisome all the way to the end and would do that seemed was that.
(Ota Satoru)

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