Itano Tomomi, fewer friends? Only from the two people not come New Year’s e-mail ……

AKB48 popular member Itano Tomomi is the 25th, I confided that the New Year’s e-mail of the new year did not come only from the two people in the official blog.The decoration for the first time solo debut in the same group, it’s Itano that have continued steady success but, be that is not Kizuke friendship in private life in order to master the busy!?

Itano, while representing the joy to many New Year’s card you have received from the fan, take a surprising situation of idle boasts an overwhelming popularity and “to did not come only from Akeome mail also two people this year (laughs)”.The blog of Itano, for such as a two-shot photos of the Reina Triendl of model frequently appeared, fulfilling the first time in private life was also a glimpse.However, because New Year’s e-mail has become a new year annual did not come only from the only two people.

Fashion Brand PR models and of “Samantha Thavasa”, the movie “Kamen Rider” series such as Queen auditors, also noticeable Itano activity other than singer activities.Although it is common story of that and give priority to work fewer friends, Itano also might no exception.(Shimizu one)

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