Mass Media: Treasury superstructure and political love of substructure of Manse

In recent years, it is much the same even read the editorial of the newspaper.Former such patronized newspaper, color-coded like that Han power of newspaper, under the Democratic administration has increasingly faded.

The contemporary, in the mass media companies, superstructure, there is a substructure, or not than each is better seen as being a different movement?

Superstructure regime is stable, surely corresponds to the long-term problem.Do not run away from unpopular policies to the public. 
Effect: media is trusted by government, management and editorial committee can become the patronage committee of advisory body.

Leaders: media management, editorial committee, desk (newspaper has a strong superstructure)

Shi that substructure politics is interesting.Political situation and new party boom, and welcome such as Rigo collection and distribution of political parties. 
Effect: voters interested in politics, viewing rate of political program increases.Sell ​​the newspapers and magazines.

Leaders: field reporter, social part (television stations substructure is strong)

Now, the superstructure of the media is to boost the consumption tax hike of naive to Prime Minister Noda, it would be circumstances in which the lower structure is the long-awaited appropriately criticism while Hashimoto Restoration boom Tsumarai Noda regime.

it does not mean that the upper and lower structures are always different movements.Both interests are matched when Koizumi Fever.I need the condition that “people dare support the painful reforms” as a match to the premise.

Hashimoto Meiji Restoration, because it is often somehow united front with Your Party, but I do not know expectations have been made, such as a consumption tax hike opponents.To put up Hashimoto change course mayor in national politics, if you declared to raise the consumption tax, the mass media is going to be again monolithic since Koizumi.

Superstructure also, to just and After “is the people in the defeat of the ruling party said No to the consumption tax hike,” as in the case of the upper house election is a comprehensive like that sorry, and up on the Noda government support rate continues to decline The Give, it will start the bearers Hashimoto.