Intel Nagatomo return to the entire practice … or return in Lecce game

Yuto Nagatomo of Japan representative DF belonging to Intel, it is joined to the entire practice that was towards the Lecce game of the Serie A Section 20 which is carried out on the 29th, was digested menu.Is reportedly official HP of club.

Nagatomo is injured right foot in the Lazio game that made the Serie A Section 19 to the 22nd.I had to miss the Coppa Italia quarter-final round of the Naples 25th.However, seen as meaning that the rest of taking important was strong, is likely to be filled members in the weekend of Lecce game in that it was doing this time the entire practice.

Intel is defeated in Naples warfare Nagatomo has miss, Eliminated from Coppa Italia.Although became the result to stop the strong flow, for Intel that can not be defeated in the league, the return of Nagatomo is likely a big help.

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