Using a mobile phone in North Korea now, there is also likely to be sentenced to death.

Under the name of “mourning” ….

Just is the North Korean people who are forced to hard life even, but seems to have been further that living is a limit now.Is, now and use a cell phone in North Korea, is there a possibility that you will be sentenced to the worst case the death penalty for that.
Now North Korea has in mourning of 100 days for North Korean leader Kim Jong Il died last December.According to the British newspaper “The Telegraph”, during this period the use of mobile phones are prohibited, and you will be given a punishment commensurate and is certified as a “war criminal” When break it.

This is perhaps seen to be a measure of wary of North Korean defectors.If you actually were defectors who are caught up to this, either as a punishment is housed in a forced labor camp, because if you have repeated the North Korean defectors have reported is when the human rights organization sentenced to death, of mobile phone use You will be considered to be in correspondence that conforms to this is also the case.

As Fortunately TheNextWeb has written, the first place because the people who have a cell phone in North Korea is a about 3 percent of the population, the case that general people are accused of this crime is less likely.That said, spring I I still far ….
[Telegraph via TNW]

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