Meaning no possibility of China production after China’s labor costs soaring in 5 years

If overlooks the global world economy, is about to change even scheme called “high labor costs in Japan, cheap emerging countries”.

Kiichi Mr. KURAMO of Human Resources Director and Public Relations Office Manager of Iris says that strengthen the domestic regression.

“Currently, China has fallen into soaring and manpower shortage of rapid labor costs.In reaction to the one-child policy, young people who had come to the migrant in the city until now has begun to return to the inland, the labor costs at 20 percent of pace every year are soaring.

In the past, Japan and the per capita labor costs in China there was open 20 times, and hopefully this remains, in four to five years, including the logistics cost our company and we believe that is no merit of China production ”

It is not to be limited to the Chinese.Japan Finance Corporation last year from August to September, where we conducted a questionnaire to small and medium-sized companies with overseas subsidiaries, top of the challenges faced in about 49% of the “rise of labor costs”, “Ensuring worker” , “Ensuring administrator” is followed by.The rate of increase in enterprise-wide labor costs that are responded to the questionnaire in 17.6%, especially Vietnam has risen also 24.3 percent compared to one year ago.

Any conventional wisdom of “If you make in Asia up cheap” overturned.As Japan HP is was up a manufacturing efficiency review of the line, there is a possibility that time the difference in labor costs Umar accelerated more by the efforts of each company.

※ Shukan Post February 3, 2012 issue