Ups and downs of the political entanglement also warning

U.S. Kabu-daka of Memorial Day dawn is good feeling, but the Greek debt question is a factor in the rise
There is also a rise in commodity prices such as crude oil and the development of problem, there is also a feeling that is already woven.In addition,
Chicago Nikkei 225 futures liquidation value’s 9735 yen, but up to 9750 yen had risen in the evening.Purchase
It will be the start of dominance have, the possibility to go to the weaving at an early stage of approaching high.

That said, the Nikkei average discharge from the top (9400-10000 yen) and lower limit range steadiness so far
Is, I have reached the center range.Although it is within range, but trend formation being aware of a limit
But it’s likely to be expected.First of all, to the meaning of ¥ 9,800 thereabouts +1 σ of the Bollinger band is located
Let Tsuyomeyo the identification.

On the other hand, in addition to external factors, fault rebalancing of MSCI in the rise of May 31 yesterday
Supply and demand I had a significant impact.The absence of this supply and demand impact, the upside today
It is also the situation difficult to expect the development of follow.After incorporating in the approaching stage, the weight of the topside
There are aspects that are conscious, that toward the flow of profit gradually be considered sufficient
Ru.In addition, against a backdrop of rising commodity prices and only buying and CTA (trade investment adviser) via
Because the person who has also been, such as trends in oil prices overtime also gaze.In addition, China’s manufacturing industry
Is scheduled at 10 (PMI) Purchasing Managers’ Index, it will be necessary to remain vigilant.

If it becomes deployment of strong note, flagship brand of resource-based and export-related is noted that as ransacked.
Place ransacked and circulation of theme issues such as sunlight becomes a sticking.In addition, Nippon Steel
Sumitomo Metals has submitted a formal application for merger review to the FTC, iron and steel sector
Ransacked was a clue the restructuring of over momentum is also expected.In addition, the Liberal Democratic Party, the New Komeito also this evening
Party to joint submission to the House of Representatives the Cabinet resolution of no-confidence.Pojite the (result of the turbulent political entanglement
It may be necessary) likely to be viewed also Tze breakfast and remain vigilant.

In addition, Dow Jones 12569.79 high of $ 128.21, the Nasdaq 38.44 NY market of the 31st
Of 2835.30 points higher.Chicago Nikkei 225 futures liquidation value is 9735 yen 45 yen OSE ratio.ADR
While cheap small, Japanese stocks of Honda Toyota, Mitsui Sumitomo, Mitsubishi dealer
, NTT, Komatsu and Kojikkari, versus TSE comparison ($ 1 81.54 yen
It was a mixed Takayasu in conversion).