[Entertainment is ♪ vitamin] AKB48 research student-light of topic Sokun, as early as CM debut? The fan abuzz in the handling of “selected members and the same row.”

On this site in the last year in December, I was introduce the brilliant career of AKB48 13th student-Kaoru Mitsumune (San-mune Kaoru).As early its light breast, “or appeared in CM is magic in selected members!?” And it is in uproar among fans.

2011 Kobe Collection is (aka-God this) model audition Grand Prix winner, Kaoru Mitsumune (18).In boyish filled with beautiful from God Kore era as with the female fans, there is a aura as a model “amateur whiff” is I did not feel at all.Until of AKB48 members from or at all career different order and now, it seems there was also the voice of fan that indicates the rejection against her on the net.

It several sheets of photos that have been published in the blog, “Diary” of Mariko January 27 Shinoda.That’s how the CM shooting that took place in the evening.In the bitter cold is written as “worked hard to night in the five”, there was one that is reflected alongside everyone.

Seems light Zong is reflected in what in its five.In the photo to the other Haruna Kojima, Atsuko Maeda, Itano Tomomi and four of Shinoda.Hikarimune Rashiki person is side-by-side of eminent selection members.

AKB fans saw this seems to have uproar.Although raised originally voice of protest on the net from the fan was not favorable to light breast, “I do not have a sense of discomfort at all.”And was also her I’m looking forward to working from this opinion.

Yasushi Akimoto is AKB48 General Producer in TV programs that are broadcast in this year’s New Year, “We support the” growing unfinished idle “, charm is AKB48 enjoy.Had said it “.Clearly different from the members up to light Zong now and think from that point, it is also true that are controversial among fans.

Excessive conflict between fans will not be a never good results for AKB48.There is a possibility of Akimoto’s strategy but, surprise with a focus on light Zong is still continued likely sign.
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