Kikuchi was finally divorced Momoko

Tetsu Nishikawa of Momoko and professional golfers Kikuchi actress in some sports paper, has been reported that it has this month divorce.That custody of the eldest son and daughter have a Kikuchi.

2 people dating in the wake of the round together in a pro-am round of golf in ’93.Married in May 95, recently it has been bestowed the eldest son and daughter in Separated state, an “X Day” of divorce from previously had been attention or become a time.

“Cause of separation is affair of Nishikawa.There is a second house, and women in Tokyo eateries work, had been rumored affair with the 40-something single professional golfer.Since his debut, was also that woman president of the agency, which has watched as loco parentis of Kikuchi is that it has a background check of Nishikawa in secret to Kikuchi was reported in women’s magazines “(weekly magazine reporter)

’95 That was married Kikuchi, but winnings of Nishikawa was about 22 million yen, thereafter, grades steep descent.’05 And ’06 as finally tour pros can not break through a tour of the qualifying even once he was appointed to the teaching professional in the semi-retired state.Currently, president of racehorse fund sales company has become a core business.

Therefore, Kikuchi earnest resume entertainment activities in ’08 It must support the family as a mainstay.I’m doing a such as regular and event appearances of “the market weakened” (TBS system).

“Kikuchi of the agency is still Kikuchi sign actress.Soredakeni, also the office of the president was bother to investigate the Nishikawa of behavior.The only public sympathy vote had gathered to Kikuchi, divorce is going to be plus “(women’s magazine reporter)

Future, Kikuchi is likely that strive to more work for children.