Shining as Kira star 13 stocks

I meet in.

I will incorporate the world All-Star company for me to portfolio.The Will I get to express Nante?While I think so, I have the expression “shining as Kira star” it companies.

Number of stocks carefully selected 13 stocks.

Without causing end with investment of one-time (purchase), it is possible to carry out the buildup to continue to see a good investment timing, it is idea is that let’s build up investment in a few decades.We would like to concentrate investment of about account for nearly 70% of the assets in the 13 stocks that Okeru much reliable deposit the money finally billion units.

The concept of selection of stocks, is “after 100 years in the top-notch companies are also thriving companies”.

Stock selection criteria, we believe the five points below.
(1) that it is a product or service with the brand (2) on top of the world market share has been ranked (3) that it is a what after decades is also necessary products and services (4) in emerging countries the growth is expected (5) high margin

Although it is best to be able to meet all, the reality is we are so easily not the case, I thought that it may satisfy some of the conditions.Holding period is not said to ’15, is the attitude of much held 100 years.

“13 stocks to shine as Kira star”
(1) Japan (5 companies)
Fast Retailing Telmo, Sysmex Manny Komatsu
(2) the United States (6 companies)
Coca-Cola · J & J · P & G · Heinz General Mills Kimberly Clark
(3) South Korea (1 companies)
Samsung Electronics
(4) China (1 companies)
Jiangsu highway (Jean Sue Express)

In 2011 the time was the 11 stocks, but we partition list up this time finally 13 stocks.It is not yet out of the range of candidates, I’m going to implement some of the replacement in the next few years.When looking at the lineup, I just companies that can earn in the world with the exception of China’s Jiangsu Fast.

is the characteristic of many companies that handle the necessities of on to live.Coca-Cola, Heinz, General Mills is “food”.Johnson & Johnson, Terumo, Sysmex, Manny “medical”.P & G, the Kimberly-Clark “household goods”.FAST RETAILING “clothing”.These are the necessary goods in human life.

Further, when the other to look, Komatsu is necessary to resources energy and urban development “mine construction equipment”.Samsung Electronics is used in the digital life “consumer electronics and semiconductors”.Jiangsu Fast is a special position, but in China, which aims to one economy in the world “highway”.

Market crash will do to invest with confidence also happening.Stock market crash is welcome in the rather aspects cache is accumulated.Since across the four countries of the market, there is also a case to fall and pawn than other countries in the country of circumstances, there are many investment opportunities.In fact, the 2011 Hong Kong market becomes more severe market TSE, because stock was also considerable touted the “Jiangsu highway”, it was becoming increasingly buy is divided into several times where it was touted.Now I’m at the top of my portfolio.

Stock price has been recovering from the second half of last year, but still has become more than 5% in the 12 times table and dividend yield in PER.Intermediate layer has to buy more and more cars in China.And largest commercial city Shanghai China, and operates a road that connects the Nanjing Metropolitan of Jiangsu you bite into third place in the nominal GDP.Already beyond the mountain of capital investment in the road, you are in the recovery period.