“Taiwan’s democracy is fake” Beijing Taiwan politics to rant of Professor, net users rebound -SP Hana shaped paper

January 2012, in the hole Keihigashi (Con Jindon) Professor TV program of Beijing University “Taiwan’s democracy is fake democracy” remark and.Have raised the voice of criticism from Taiwan ruling and opposition parties.The 28th, Singapore Hana shaped paper, Lianhe Zaobao told.

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Hole professor is known for extreme remarks, television and many popular scholar exposure in the media.The other day, “Honkonhito dogs damn” I was attracted attention in remarks.For this time Taiwan, “there was no particular progress in the four years of horse Ying-jeou administration”, “Taiwan presidential election’s election TV drama.Citizens to see only upsurge of television joy, it was stated that such “has been neglected all other things.

For this remark, in addition to the voice of criticism is up from the ruling and opposition parties, Taiwan Internet users are also countered with, such as “what democracy is not the Chinese mainland human-criticism with such fake democracy”.(Translation and editing / KT)