Live while being helped to the Philippines poor “distressed Japanese” “man who abandoned the Japan”

When I hear the “migration to the Philippines”, I wonder to what image.

In the year mild climate of tropical, … that old couple you retire the company is using the cheapness of price, to live in Yuyujiteki by rent it or buy a big house.

Speaking personal delusion, it’s like this.

However, this book to “live in men Philippines that was discarded Japan” distressed Japanese “” (Shueisha) is, does not appear people who live in the world like such a dream.Live in homeless state in a foreign land, he is the protagonist Japanese called “hardship Japanese”.They are penniless, and has continued living from hand to mouth while becoming indebted to local people.

The first place as “distressed Japanese”, it of Japanese residents to have fallen into economically distressed state abroad.Japanese number of seeking assistance and in ran into diplomatic missions in 2010, amounting to 768 people in all the world.

Above all needy Japanese number of the Philippines most with 332 people, I separate large 92 people in Thailand at the 2-position.In addition, in 10 consecutive years most since 2001, it’s repel severe of the other countries.

Mizutani Takeshu’s author, to work from ’04 in the “Daily Manila newspaper” in the Philippines reporter.They are interested in to the coverage life, and begins chasing.

“Become a such miserable state in a foreign country, whether alive every day in what kind of think”

Initially, despite such shortsighted thinking, something not only that, there was the thing to be attracted.

This document, 5 men needy Japanese Mr. met Mizutani appeared.

Although came to the Philippines to chase a woman I met in the Philippines pub of Japan, 48-year-old you’ve run out of money.58-year-old engagement to Filipino women was introduced to acquaintance was fake marriage.Create a five million yen or more of debt to gangsters, … 37-year-old has been fled abroad to escape from it.

“Please help me, thank you.”
“Please deliver the Japanese bento”
“Will likely jump awareness hungry”

In coverage also extends to more than one year, was repeated without the many times, the appeal of the aid, was also similar to overreliance request.And suddenly it peppered be abusive.Faded compassion to their also gradually, was also conflict with themselves that is not facing the them and equal.

Mr. Mizutani, not only himself, go to meet up to their parents to live in the vicinity of the people and Japan.Among them, distressed Japanese of one yearns as “God like a human,” there are the presence of a person, such as the Philippines mom.He every day, let me me help of her shop work, instead, had been asked to separate and somewhat of wages, the lunch of rice morning.

Dripping eye with plump, indeed is a looks good mom of people, speaking this.

“We poor people like is, if their is a painful experience, I think I do not want to let the same experience.The rich, it is not possible to understand the poor people of the situation.(Snip) So, to good he has been asked to eat things that are on the table, soap and shampoo, tobacco about May I raise “and (from the text)

Cheerful and friendly Filipinos, friendly to the needy Japanese.Even though poor is their own, if there are people who are in trouble, I’m giving a straight tenderness.

But mono is abundant, somewhere there is a sense of stagnation, Japan is hard to ask for help.Nor even mono money, but the Philippines there are people who will reach out with a laugh.

We, richness of earlier and …… to find, but one book you thought-provoking.
(Future sentence = Kamiura)

● Mizutani-TakeShigeru
Mie Prefecture in 1975 Kuwana born.Sophia University Foreign Languages ​​English graduated from the Department of.Through the wedding photo professional photographer, and has served as a reporter of Japanese newspaper in the Philippines from 2004 “Daily Manila newspaper”.I’m in charge of mainly Japanese incident, such as murder and escape criminal arrest, the social part story, such as issues related to Japanese society.2011, won the 9th Kaiko Ken nonfiction prize in this work.

※ The image is “a man who was discarded Japan” (Shueisha)

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