Outrage Mourinho! Denounced ambush the referee in the parking lot

Is noticeable Copa del Rey judgment of Barcelona favorite (Spanish Cup) after the end of the quarter-final second leg, Mourinho is waiting the Teixeira-Bitienesu referee in the parking lot of the stadium, it’s “terrible artist.Do it so much fun to a professional to fool?That it has become such a to condemn to quarrel “,” Mundo Deportivo “paper of date 26 reported.Although in the conference after the game had to avoid the mention of judgment, it seems still had hoarding a lot of dissatisfaction.

Next 27 Mourinho celebrated the birthday of 49 years in days.Before the same day of practice to prepare GK Casillas and DF Sergio Ramos of captain a cake, how to celebrate in the team was told on TV.Only such just outs of the same director and the Spanish national assembly has been told, became the event to appeal the team united.

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