You can not buy a kitchen knife that there is no ID card! Introduce a kitchen knife purchase real-name system – Beijing

January 28, 2012, the Chinese economy network, Beijing major supermarkets, “kitchen knife purchase real name system” was reported to have been introduced in major furniture store.

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The 26th, Zhang visited Muji of Chaoyang District, Beijing, that was asked to present the ID card to the clerk where it was going to buy a kitchen knife.When the reporter who received the contact is try to interview, certainly a notification from the police that we need identification presented had been overhang the purchase of kitchen knife.Mental disabilities and has been described as to prevent in advance sales to minors, is also required to explain the application at the time of purchase.

There was a store that overhang is already similar notification to other major supermarkets and furniture store.Wal-Mart, clerk of Carrefour real-name system introduced talk with that from a certain extent before, has commented that there is no effect on sales.That should be noted in the hardware store such as a small store circulars of real-name system is not.

Beijing during the Olympics, but a kitchen knife purchase real-name system in Shanghai during the Expo has been introduced, permanent regulation as of this time of Beijing I seen the first time.(Translation and editing / KT)