29 people Chinese kidnapped in Sudan = attack incidents frequently abroad, cause foray into unstable regions – China paper

January 30, 2012, incident that Chinese and Chinese companies is subject to attack abroad are frequently.The 28th, Chinese workers 29 people were kidnapped by anti-government armed forces of the Sudan, is followed by rescue activities.Global Times told.

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Although the absolute number of cases what has been an increase in, and if you look from the number of departures that year 50 million people from China, does not mean there is a growing percentage of Chinese are involved in the incident.Experts, multiple incidents Chinese companies to analyze and because in many cases to advance to the unstable region of the situation.

Although China has focused on cooperation projects with developing countries, in countries where social system is not Seiwa, there is a possibility that the Chinese become victims when upset occurs.By last year of South Sudan independence in the region, there is a background of north and south of the problem is complicated and around the petroleum.

Chinese companies often engage case in cooperation of infrastructure and energy sector in the field.While the West makes a long-term sanctions against Sudan, but China to take the position of non-interference in internal affairs is supported by the majority of Sudanese, also different political groups of opinion exists in the country.Although not be ruled out the possibility of ransom, this time of abduction incident whereas Sudan government or the Chinese government, is likely to have been made for the purpose of any political request.

The Chinese government as well as promote the expansion of Chinese protection system of overseas, for advance companies are urged to build a local government, people and good relations from everyday.(Translation and editing / Okamoto Yu-ba)